A strong Hungarian presence in a foreign country means that there are meetups, gatherings, language schools or scouts programs for the kids, maybe a chorus or folk dance troupe for adults. They can organise heritage festivals not only for individuals of Hungarian descent, but also for anyone who is interested in the Hungarian language and culture, or for those who just come for the awesome food. Let us see how many opportunities we can find for the Hungarians to get together in Boston.

Heritage festivals are great, because they increase awareness of the Hungarian culture among Americans and other ethnic groups which contributes to the development and strengthening of Hungarian–American relations. Click here to read about the Hungarian Heritage Festival in California. But festivals only happen once a year. In order to have a tight-knit community, you would need weekly or monthly events, different groups that come together often.

There are many different Hungarian groups and communities in Boston, which means that everyone can find something that they would enjoy doing.

Not everyone has a nice voice, so a Hungarian chorus is out of the question for most of us. Language schools are mostly for the children, although I am sure that there are options to volunteer and organize day trips or Hungarian camps, where there is a need for some helpful adults. But what groups could you join if you were living in Boston and wanted to keep in touch with local Hungarians? Here are a few options for you from bostonhungarians.com.

Motorcycle club

If you are more adventurous, check out the Hungarian Motorcyclists of Massachusetts (MMM). This is a group of Hungarian motorcycle enthusiasts living in the Boston area. The friendly group was founded in order to find Hungarian bikers and organize motorcycle tours, events and programs. The group is open to all people who are interested in motorcycles, regardless of age, gender, or nationality.

Hiking Club

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The Boston area has a lot of nice outing destinations, suitable for leisurely strolls, strenuous all-day hikes and everything in between. The Hungarian Outing Club has formed in order to show these places to newcomers and to offer an activity to the nature lovers from the Boston Hungarian community. They visit the best places every year so newcomers have a chance to see the best views.

Soccer club

For Hungarians living in the Greater Boston area, playing soccer has become a long-standing tradition. There is an active Hungarian squad with several players who have been part of the team for more than a decade. They are playing all year long, indoor or outdoor, depending on the weather. They meet every Friday at 6:00 pm, and there is always a need for new players, so if you are interested, check them out.

Medical Association

Are you a medical professional? If yes, check out the Hungarian Medical Association of America. It is a voluntary organization of physicians and scientists of Hungarian heritage formed to preserve, promote, and foster Hungarian medical traditions and ideals. All qualified persons who share these goals and ideals are welcome to join our Association.


Hungarian Scouts in Boston. Photo: http://boston-cserkesz.org/

Are you trying to find a hobby or a new activity for your children, where they can build upon their Hungarian language skills and learn more about our culture and traditions? The mission of the Boston scout troop is to provide true scouting opportunities and adventure for young Hungarians, as well as for youth interested in Hungarian culture, in the larger Boston area. The scout troop gathers youth from Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut and New Hampshire.


Language schools for children are a perfect opportunity to learn and play, to meet others of Hungarian descent. It could form lifelong friendships which really helps to preserve the language and culture.

Perhaps the most well known Hungarian group in Boston is the Boskola (Boston Oskola).

The Béla Bartók Hungarian School of Boston is an extracurricular school with all-volunteer teaching and administrative staff, whose mission is to enrich the Hungarian language skills and cultural appreciation of children between the ages of 3 and 18. Classes and scouts meet on alternate Saturdays at the Follen Community Church.

Science club

There are many scientists in the Boston area. This should not come as a surprise, considering both the MIT and Harvard are based here. Local Hungarians have organized a Science Club, where they meet every month. The speakers are from Hungary, from Boston, or from the US with ties to Hungary. They present their work or lectures in a layperson language in Hungarian or in English. The presentations are usually 45 minutes, which are followed by questions and answers. Recently a new format, the panel discussion was launched, when some experts are invited and they discuss an interesting topic with the help of a moderator.

The science club is simply called the Tudósklub in Hungarian. They have a YouTube channel where they document the conferences and talk about the theme for their next meeting. According to tudomanyon.hu there may be thousands of Hungarian scientists in Boston, who spend 5 to 10 years there, learning and researching. They may or may not go back to Hungary at the end of their postdoctoral studies.

This group has been meeting every month for over 16 years now, proving that no matter where we might find ourselves, there are ways to keep in touch with other Hungarians. We just need to find common ground, and we have seen that that could be anything from preschool-aged children, to motorcycles, nature hikes of science.

Featured image: bostonusa.com

Source: Daily News Hungary, bostonhugarians.com, tudomanyon.hu

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