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More and more German citizens are moving to Hungary to live in peace and security – reported by hirado.hu.

The Hungarian news portal interviewed Tanja Weber, who celebrates her first Christmas in Hungary. The German woman moved to Zalakomár three months ago; as she says –

“In Germany, I lived in constant fear, I got frightened only by hearing steps behind myself on the street”.

She added that it already occurred that someone had been following her, but fortunately, she managed to enter the house in time; however, the final straw was when a migrant almost raped her.

“A short time ago, three Syrian men almost raped me. I wanted to sell a sofa; that is why they contacted me, but I still cannot speak about the details. I wanted to report it to the police, but they said I had no chance to win as they were three against me”– said Tanja Weber. This was the time when she decided to leave Germany as soon as possible, as she wanted to live happily in peace and safety.

Tanja Weber’s daughter does not feel well in Germany either; accordingly, she plans to move with her family to Hungary within one year.

Among their friends, several people are already living in Hungary or plan to move to the country.

Another German family bought a house two years ago in the town of Csapi, Zala county. The property has been renovated since then. Steffen Richter previously dealt with personal protection; in 2015, he already recognised that mass immigration would lead to unpredictable consequences.

As he says: “Germany is moving towards Islamization. The government does not know, and probably does not want to protect the population”. He also adds that Germany’s economic decline is noticeable – hundreds of thousands of people are dismissed; while according to politicians, there is a labour shortage, that is why immigrants are needed in the country.

Richter’s family was not separated by the moving, as his brother lives near to Kaposvár. They also have several friends – so far, they have helped three German families to move to Hungary, the fourth family is coming in January.

As they say, by the passage of time, they are less and less homesick; they consider Hungary as their new homeland, where they hope they can live in safety.

Source: hirado.hu

  1. German’s moving to Hungary happened during the Hapsburg reign before WW1, something is brewing in Europe which is not good. History repeating itself.

  2. Hope more EU countries would have migration politics like Hungary .
    Things that are happening in EU these days are not normal , Europe is working against its own citizens and our tradition,culture and religion is replaced by something else … if you say something against it you are considered as wrong!

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