Internet plans can often cost an arm and leg especially if you belong to a low-income household. However, this should not bother you now. Spectrum Internet plans along with many others ease things for low-income groups by offering affordable plans. These plans are not a COVID-19 crisis introduction alone. They have been around for quite some time now.

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In case you were not aware, here is a list for you:


The company offers affordable plans. The bundles that they offer for this group offer the best value for money. You would want to consider services by Xfinity if you wish to purchase a bundle. For example, pairing the Internet service with cable TV. The company offers some of the most inexpensive packages.

The specific package that the company offers for this income bracket is its Xfinity Internet Essentials. At just $9.95/month, you get access to 15 Mbps Internet. You won’t have to pay any installation fee or sign a contract.

Conditions for qualifying for this program include:

  • A child that is eligible for the National School Lunch Program.
  • You get the HUD housing assistance
  • You go to a community college in Illinois or Colorado
  • You are a low-income veteran

Verizon FiOS

Fast Internet speed at a low rate, if that is what you wish for, you should consider Verizon FiOS. Having one of the most extensive fiber networks in the States, Verizon FiOS never disappoints. I would not recommend this option if you are looking for the cheapest option as it is not. However, it is a widely available option. It is not quite common for Internet service providers to offer fast speeds, and be available in almost every state.

Are you looking for Internet services in a rural area? CenturyLink should be your go-to option. Although the DSL speeds will fail to impress you. As cable or fiber Internet is much faster than DSL. If you wish to opt for the fiber Internet service that the company offers, you won’t find it much fast either. However, it is the best service available to people residing in rural areas. CenturyLink is reliable as well. So, you won’t face much trouble.


If there is any better option for rural areas than CenturyLink, it is HughesNet. However, subscribing to HughesNet means having to deal with data caps and slow Internet speeds. But the company is on top of the list of providers that give Internet access to people who do not get it at all.


Cox offers its Connect2Compete plan for low-income households. If you have kids in your house going to school and their grade level is till K-12, then your household qualifies for this plan. The plan will only cost you $9.95/month. However, for you to be eligible, you should make sure that your family is a participant in any of the program given below:

  • SNAP – Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program
  • TANF – Temporary Assistance for Needy Families
  • National School Lunch Program
  • Public Housing

You can contact the company reps or visit their website to learn more about it.


Mediacom also offers a Connect2Compete program. This means that it also offers high-speed Internet to the qualifying families at just $9.95 a month. The family must have at least one of their children in a school reduced lunch or free lunch program.

Contacting the company will enable you to learn more about the specific program and will help you in making a well-informed decision.

Frontier Communications

Frontier Communications is a part of ‘The Lifeline Network’ that the States offers. Providers who choose to be a part of this program do not have specific low-income programs, but they offer plans that are at a low cost. Frontier Communications does the same. The lowest-priced plan by the company costs $20 a month. The price reduces to half with the Lifetime Network Assistance program.


Windstream is also a part of the Lifeline Network program. The program brings the cheapest plan that the company offers down to $9.25 a month. Hence, making it easy for low-income households to have an Internet connection at their place.


Spectrum also offers low budget internet plans. Spectrum Internet Assist is particularly for people who cannot afford to have access to pricey internet packages. At an economical cost of $14.99/month, subscribers get access to 30 Mbps Internet. The price includes the modem, and subscribers do not have to enter any contract. So, if a member of your household is a recipient of NSLP, CEP or SSI plan, then you qualify for this Spectrum bundle.

Apart from these packages and bundles, almost every internet providing company in the States signed the ‘keeping Americans Petition’ recently. This means that the residents will get uninterrupted Internet access for the coming two months.

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