When Beethoven died, love letters were found without recipients. For a long time it was believed that the composer wrote the letters to Teréz Brunszvik, the pioneer of the Hungarian kindergartens. However, recent researches suggest that this assumption is wrong. Szeretlekmagyarorszag.hu investigated who the “immortal sweetheart” of Beethoven was.

One letters consists of three parts, and it was for long considered to be an assembly of three separate letters. Beethoven started to write it on July 6 and finished it the next morning. There is neither a date, a address, nor a recipient on the letter.

Perhaps Beethoven did not send the letters, or he got them back. Music historians are not sure who the recipient was. However, the Brunszvik family’s Martonvásár estate could be the target.

Beethoven taught Teréz and Jozefin to play the piano for 16 days, and the composer visited Martonvásár twice, in May 1800 and in the summer of 1806. Teréz clearly referred to the mutual love of Beethoven and her married sister, Jozefin. Thus, according to the latest researches, Beethoven was in love, but not with Teréz Brunszvik but her sister.

Allegedly, he may have wrote the letters to Jozefin. However, there are two other possible recipients. One of them is Giulietta Guicciardi, the flirtatious cousin of the girls, who is also a member of the Brunszvik family, at least on the maternal side. The other one is Anotonie Brentano, a Frankfurt merchant’s wife. Beethoven was in love with them as well, and his feelings did not remain unrequited, szeretlekmagyarorszag.hu reports.

The composer met Ferenc Brunszvik through Teréz and Jozefin. Later, Ferenc became not only Beethoven’s patron, but his loyal friend too. It is said that the author wrote his work Apassioanata to Ferenc.

According to szeretlekmagyarorszag.hu, there is a Beethoven Memorial Museum in the Brunszvik Castle. Here you can see the family’s correspondence with Beethoven, the composer’s lock of hair and learn about his Hungary-related works. On the stage of the castle park you can hear the composer’s music in the summer. On the main square of Martonvásár the statue of Beethoven and the immortal sweetheart commemorates the legendary love.

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