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Gunarasfürdő – new health resort in Hungary

Gunarasfürdő – new health resort in Hungary

The National Public Health and Medical Officer Service (ÁNTSZ) has pronounced Gunarasfürdő a health resort. The bath of Dombóvár became Hungary’s thirty-third health resort, reports.

Environment providing tranquility

According to ÁNTSZ, Gunarasfürdő is a unique place where “at least one natural health factor” can be found. It has the institutional background for healing and the necessary conditions providing tranquil healing for the patients.

The alkaline bicarbonate thermal water of Gunaras was pronounced medicinal water in 1977, and it was used for healing musculoskeletal diseases. Two medical institutions operate there: the Szent Lukács Hospital of Dombóvár and the medical centre of Gunaras Zrt.

Only after strict verification

The qualification is always preceded by strict verification. Loránd Szabó, mayor of the town in Tolna county, told MTI that both the local government of Dombóvár and the Public Health Department examined the air purity, the noise pollution and the water’s and ground’s hygienic aspects. Each of their measurements was satisfactory.

Source: facebook / Gunaras Resort SPA Hotel****

As a result of these examinations, 90 per cent (36.2 hectares) of Gunarasfürdő became a health resort. Also, another 106.9-hectare protective belt belongs to this territory. The bath of Dombóvár is Hungary’s thirty-third health resort. Two other places became health resorts in 2017: Cserkeszőlő in Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok county and Mátraderecske in Heves county.

Source: facebook / Gunaras Resort SPA Hotel****

What is a health resort?

According to, a health resort does not need to have a thermal bath, though in most cases this is the health factor that determines the result of the examination made by ÁNTSZ. It is quite difficult to get this verification: an institute is always needed that makes use of the natural makings of these places and environment protection is also a key factor. Among the expectations is that these places must provide high-quality medical services and tranquility.

Although the title of health resorts is not usually valid for the whole town, just for a direct part of it, it means a huge prestige for the whole territory – tourism and infrastructure develop and the local citizens enrich. The verification is valid for 20 years, but only if the circumstances at the time of the verificaton do not change.

Health resorts in Hungary

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  • Tapolca
  • Kiskunmajsa
  • Kiskunhalas
  • Mórahalom
  • Lenti
  • Orosháza-Gyopárosfürdő
  • Nyírbátor-Szénarát
  • Tiszakécske
  • Igal
  • Egerszalók
  • Celldömölk
  • Kehidakustány
  • Cserkeszőlő
  • Mátraderecske
  • Gunarasfürdő

Featured image: facebook / Gunaras Resort SPA Hotel****

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