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Budapest, January 25 (MTI) – A statue of philosopher and Communist politician György Lukács will be removed from Szent István Park in Budapest’s 13th district and replaced by a statue of Saint Stephen, the founder of the Hungarian state, the Metropolitan Council decided on Wednesday.

The proposal submitted by Jobbik councillor Marcell Tokody was approved with 19 votes in support, 3 against and one abstention.

In addition to his activities as a philosopher and writer, Lukács played an active role in maintaining the Communist regime in three periods of time, Tokody said in the proposal. During the Hungarian Soviet Republic in 1919, he gave orders in his capacity as people’s commissar of the Red Army for the execution of eight people. After 1945, he used his fame to legitimise communism in western Europe and after 1956, he played a key role in the cultural policy of the Kádár regime, he said.

The new statue, of the first king of Hungary from 1000 until his death in 1038, is planned to be inaugurated on August 20, 2019.

Source: MTI

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  1. Bravo and good work. It’s disgusting that a person like Lukacs who advocated mass murder in the name of a sickening philosophy should EVER have had a statue made of him! What a disgrace. Glad it’s gone now! Congratulations.

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