Miskolc, 2016. szeptember 6. Gyurcsány Ferenc, a Demokratikus Koalíció elnöke, volt miniszterelnök Maradj otthon, maradj Európában! címmel lakossági fórumot tart a miskolci ITC-székházban 2016. szeptember 5-én. MTI Fotó: Vajda János

Budapest, September 14 (MTI) – The government’s referendum on the EU’s migrant resettlement quota is forcing Hungarians into playing an “extremely dangerous and politically damaging” game, said DK leader Ferenc Gyurcsány in Szeged, in southern Hungary, on Wednesday.

The ruling Fidesz is manipulating people the same way that it did, in opposition, in 2006, during a raid on the television headquarters by demonstrators who were attempting a coup on the Socialist government at the time.

“The manipulators ten years ago are the same as now,” Gyurcsány said, adding that secret-service recordings prove that Fidesz officials organised the anti-government riots in 2006. The most important evidence has been classified as state secrets by the current government, he said, suggesting that Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and Speaker of Parliament László Kövér had been involved.

“The moment will come when these documents will be made public,” Gyurcsány said, referring to evidence on the 2006 anti-government riots. “Then people can really face those who had set a part of the capital on fire,” he said.

Gyurcsány said Orbán had mentioned in his parliamentary address on Monday that “Hungarian cities with opposition-party mayors are ready to accept migrants”. He said this was a “blatant lie” as no city has the authority to offer settlement permits, this is in the state’s powers only. “The prime minister knows this, but he is consciously manipulating,” he said. Orbán is trying to put fear into locals, “even at the cost of lies,” he said, adding that “this is no way to build a normal country”. The campaign in the long term will cause damage to the country, as fear will linger on beyond Oct. 2, Gyurcsány added.

DK does not want to support the government’s efforts to weaken Hungary’s European commitments or to interpret the referendum as a sign that the government’s policies are supported. For this reason, it urges people to stay away from the vote, Gyurcsány said.

Source: MTI

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