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As reports, four young people from Debrecen decided to go on a really long road trip, driving two Trabants across a dozen countries.

I have owned a Trabant for 8 years now. I have learned a lot, some things I learned the hard way, others I am still learning. Slowly, step by step I found out some fiddly details, how and why some parts work, the whole mechanics and ways to tinker with it – says Maki.

At that time I could not even imagine planning a crazy trip like this. But we are determined and full of adventure, so let us do this!

The whole thing started when I met an old friend in Debrecen. He lives with his wife in Helsinki and invited us over. During a long conversation, I mentioned my infatuation with my car, the blue Trabant 601 from 1990. Then we started laughing about the possibility of me driving to Finland and parking the little Trabant in front of his house. We said goodbye, and I found myself already planning the trip even if only half seriously. I mentioned my idea to Bella, who immediately said that she is in.

This is how it all started almost 3 years ago.

Planning the exact route

Then we started planning the route, going over online maps, but at that time the destination was only Helsinki. We looked up environmental laws, sights to see and of course, we imagined driving the first few kilometres, watching the sunset, sitting in the car, comfortably, without a care in the world and getting on the ferry.

And then we met Peti and Barbi, another couple with a Trabant, we became friends and told them about our plan, and they joined in with a lot of enthusiasm. Now we have two cars and four people.

The route we were planning was starting to get longer and longer. At first, we thought we would take the ferry from Finland to Sweden and then go south. We slept on it and decided to take a huge detour. On the next week we added Norway too, after all, we only live once. Then we thought since we are already there, we should visit the Arctic Circle.

At this moment it looks like the northernmost part of the trip will be 500 kilometers from Rovaniemi, and the route will go through 12 countries.

Of course, a trip like this needs exhaustive planning; we are already thinking about where to sleep and eat, what happens if the car(s) break down or if they don’t let us cross the borders. Another important point is the funds, so we are looking for sponsors.

Since the very beginning, we had the idea of taking pictures and videos, documenting the trip, and even doing a whole Trabant road movie.

After all, we are preparing a road trip with Trabants; we will see breathtakingly beautiful views, we can have sponsor decals on the cars and film everything. We have the most popular Trabant facebook page, and we are starting a Youtube channel. Plus we have many friends who support us.

We received quality exhaust systems from TÉ-MEN Kft. and some nice German tyres from Continental. The Trabant-Wartburg Club is giving us a much-appreciated friendship and professional support. Totalcar is the official magazine where we will publish photos, articles and our experiences.

We plan on leaving from the Roncs ruin bar in Debrecen on the 28th of July.

We decided to give part of the money to a foundation in Debrecen, meaning that if you support us, the Trabant Road Movie, you also support underprivileged children.

You can find more information about us on our website


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