A number of 24 resolutions (in total there are 27) of some local counties in Harghita County were annulled by the court. These resolutions regard the establishment of Szeklerland as an administrative region, initiated by the National Szekler Council. The resolutions were attackedby the Prefect’s Office, who called them anti-constitutional.

The prefect of Harghita county, Jean-Adrian Andrei declared, that from a total of 27 resolutions, attacked by the Prefect’s Office, 24 were annulled by the magistrates. The Prefect motivated the decision to attack the resolutions by saying that the inititative regarading the establishment of an administartive region called Szeklerland is against the Romanian Constitution and such administrative territorial reorganization could be possible only if amendments are made to the Constitution.

As for the other request of the resolution that states that Hungarian language should be recognised as the second regional official language in Szeklerland, the jurists of the Perfect’s Office stated that it is also anti-constitutional, given that Article 13 from the Romanian Constitution states that in Romania the only official language is Romanian.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/mikoimre3szek

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