Budapest, November 15 (MTI) – The deadly attacks in Paris have proven that immigration and terrorism “go hand in hand” as some of the perpetrators had arrived in France as migrants through the Balkan, the spokesman of radical nationalist Jobbik said on Sunday.

Not all immigrants are terrorists but the latter can take advantage of massive migration and migrants can easily be radicalised, Adam Mirkoczki told MTI.

The immigration policies of Brussels and Berlin have proved to be a fiasco and even in Hungary signature drives have become “a thing of the past”, he said, referring to ruling Fidesz’s early November initiative to collect signatures against the EU’s planned mandatory migrant quotas.

Mirkoczki reiterated his party’s proposal for holding a binding referendum against immigration, the quota system and expulsions to Hungary.

As the constitutional amendment allowing for such a referendum would require a two-thirds majority in parliament, Jobbik calls on Fidesz lawmakers to lay aside party politics and support its proposal.

A referendum would offer an example for Europe and encourage other countries to follow suit, exerting pressure on Berlin and Brussels to change its policies, Mirkoczki said.


  1. Is it not time for the EU Commissioners to go off to a retirement home somewhere?
    They seem to be in another world from reality and Claude -Jean Junker’s speech yesterday was pathetic is he going to wait to be blown up?.

    If reports are true that these IS foot soldiers came into the EU via the Greek immigration route then it points to a very lax security check. Those immigrants who are not true refugees, ie economic migrants must be sent back to wherever they have come from and now not next year. If people cannot be identified then they must also be sent back.
    My Junker you are placing all our lives in danger from IS due to your lack of care and attention to detail

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