Párizs, 2018. május 29. Soros György magyar származású amerikai üzletember, a New York-i Soros Fund Management befektetési társaság elnöke, a Nyílt Társadalom Alapítványok alapító elnöke, miután megtartotta Hogyan mentsük meg az Európai Uniót címû elõadását a Külkapcsolatok Európai Tanácsa (ECFR) nevû nemzetközi elemzõ intézet évenkénti ülésén Párizsban 2018. május 29-én. (MTI/AP/Francois Mori)

The government welcomed and leftist opposition parties slammed on Wednesday the constitutional amendments and the Stop Soros package of laws, which parliament passed earlier in the day.

The Stop Soros laws contain amendments to the penal code that sanction entities or organisations that “facilitate illegal migration” or help with the asylum application procedures of migrants arriving from safe countries, read more details HERE.

The amendments to the constitution prohibit the resettlement of foreign nationals in Hungary, create an administrative high court and ban homeless people from living in public spaces.

In a statement after the vote, the Government Information Office said that the measures “put the will of the Hungarian people into practice”, further strengthening the country’s protection against illegal migration.

“They were necessary because mass migration continues to threaten Europe, and the Soros network and Brussels’s pro-migration approach would flood Hungary with migrants,” the statement said.


– Press release –

Jobbik’s parliamentary faction voted for the constitutional amendment wrongly called Stop Soros. The reason why we supported this “mixed salad”-like legislative package is because we agree with the basic intention and social need for giving priority to Hungary’s security and protection. We also agree with the protection of Christianity and private property while we reject the migrant allocation quotas. Jobbik’s main goal is to eliminate all legal loopholes that keep the gates open for any form of immigration, so we once again submitted our bill to terminate the residency bonds but the governing parties turned it down for the eighth time today.

As far as the “Stop Soros” package is concerned, we can state that the legislation has lost its Soros character since, contrary to the earlier bill, it prescribes neither a national security clearance and registration of NGOs funded by George Soros, nor a restriction of their activities that are against Hungary’s interests.

As a responsible opposition party however, we are obliged to call the attention of the public to the fact that today’s adopted bill, contrary to the statements of the pro-government propaganda, will not stop illegal migration, it is not suitable to protect Christianity and nor does it overrule the Geneva Convention, just as homeless people will stay in public areas until their housing problems are resolved.

The bill also sets a framework for public administration courts, the actual regulation of which has not even begun.

Let us reassure the communities protesting against this bill that the legislation adopted today is impractical in its current form, its implementation is infeasible, so it will cause no harm. The government’s goal is not to actually solve the problems identified. What they want is to use the bill as a communication tool in the upcoming European Parliamentary elections and the Hungarian municipal elections.

Lefitst opposition

Socialist Party leader Bertalan Tóth said the constitutional amendment “has many facets”, but was “primarily an attack on the independence of the judiciary”.

Speaking at a joint press conference with Párbeszéd co-leader Gergely Karácsony, Tóth said

ruling Fidesz “wants to create a tame court of justice” where government officials can make decisions which are otherwise the prerogatives of judges.

Fidesz “has tried setting up administrative courts before”, but failed to garner a majority, he noted. The Socialists “are not going to assist to this propaganda move,” he said, adding that the parliamentary group decided to stay away from the vote.

Karácsony noted Wednesday’s was the seventh amendment of the basic law since its adoption in 2011. The constitution, “which Fidesz likes to call rock-solid, is more like candy floss,” he said.

Photo: MTI/AP/Francois Mori

Source: MTI

  1. EU received solution refugee crisis in 2017 presented on a sign, but be it because you pay anyway! Let us go back to 2017 when the Financial Times, the Guardian and the Washington Post simultaneously published a substantiated article describing the very short term and a fraction of the costs that the EU spends on a monthly basis. an end could be made to the fortune seekers flow from Africa to Libya and then to the EU. The solution that was rejected by the EU for humanitarian reasons came from Erik Prince, Trump-trailer and the brother of the American Minister of Education Betsy DeVos. Prince’s plan was very simple: A unit of 750 Americans led by his organization, supplemented by Libyan police and army personnel, who jointly closed the southern borders of Libya and arrested and held intruders on the spot, so that the EU could decide whether these people would be allowed to travel to an EU country. No longer a long journey through the Libyan desert, no more waiting times at Libyan beaches and no drowned fortune seekers who use people smugglers and the ‘water taxis’ willingly staged locally by the NGOs. What were the reasons that the EU felt nothing for this? Was it due to the fact that somewhere men like Soros were poking fun at EU bosses that the EU should break? Were the paternity organizations inspired by the leftist church to see a well-invested sandwich disappear? Was it the self-feared image of Erik Prince himself, former Navy Seal and founder of the Blackwater group accused of having killed innocent Iraqis during their presence in Iraq? We will not know because the EU did not want to comment. It could not have been the money because Price offered his plan and services for a fraction of the € 35 million that the EU had already lost at the time to guard the EU’s maritime borders. Or was it the disgrace of all those EU apparatchiks who did not want to be put on their number by a simple Yankee, as a result of which their capacities being absent in all respects would be open and exposed to the public? Once again we do not know the answer, but Prince’s ways have been accurate since we can assure you that, albeit with a firm hand, the EU and thus the EU citizen would only have a fraction of the problems and costs as now, then in 2017 the offer was canceled. But there is now hope for our own captain Schettino Juncker of the Costa Europa for 24.06.2018 has once again announced a summit as a precursor to another summit on 28 and 29.06.2018. The m.s. Europe has already gone a long time ago, but the captain is still looking for a solution with his officers. Had not Juncker done better than Schettino than to leave the sinking ship prematurely, because unlike the real Schettino who has had to serve years of imprisonment, we could have given Juncker the Karl Prize or another wad and made him a member of some wine- or whiskeyorder so that the man can still be somewhere with good decency? Anyway, here first a map of Libya on which you can clearly see the situation, a map that can also be found in full size in our 2017 article (see introduction) and below a CNN interview with Erik Prince about his plans.

  2. As a Canadian who remembers the 1956 invasion of Hungary by the USSR when 200,000 Hungarians fled the country I note your governments hypocrisy towards refugees seeking escape from wars in Africa. Canada took in over 37,000 Hungarian “refugees” fleeing from Russian oppression. I distinctly remember my grade three teacher having us all stand as we welcomed in students from Hungary .
    Now when its Hungary’s turn to be compassionate and understanding towards refugees they have forgot about that time in history when they needed and received compassion from the free world.

    Perhaps we in Canada should roundup all those former refugees and their descendants and ship them all back to Hungary so you can all live together in a lily-white Hungary and congratulate yourselves on protecting your borders from contamination by ” refugees”.

  3. Dear Mr. Ramsay: You can be proud of your home country and Hungarians have the same rights! They have learned a hard lesson in the past and they are not waiting fior remarks you have made. I only like to remind you that the refugees of 1956 were real refugees! People that had left their country because of a very ‘unpleasant’ political system in those days. I suggest you to read books about Hungary to get a good impression of the country and its people. Please, open your eyes and than you’ll see what brave Hungarian people, like Mr. Orbán is doing for their country. You certainly will notice that the support from REAL European people for Mr. Orbán is growing by the day!

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