MahaRana Ayurevdic is proud to represent traditional Indian flavours in the city’s first Indian Ayurvedic Restaurant. After tasting their cooking, you’ll be convinced that they’ve really brought us India’s best flavours.

Being a metropolis, Budapest gives place to a lot of international cuisines as besides the rich Hungarian cuisine, thousands of restaurants welcome locals and tourists desiring gastronomic adventures. Naturally, the selection goes beyond the Italian, German, French and Russian cuisine, the gastronomy of farther countries is also represented in the city. Hence Asia is also present and besides the Arabic, Chinese and Japanese restaurants, we can also try Indian flavours.

India’s gastronomic culture is incredibly diverse, and the MahaRana Indian Ayurvedic Restaurant is indisputably the best choice in Budapest if you’re looking for true eastern flavours.

The restaurant’s selection follows Ayurveda recipes. Ayurveda means “the science of life” or “the school of long life”. This natural healing system is based on millennial experiences, it is kept count of as a type of alternative healing. And the dining based on these principles doesn’t only have a positive effect on our taste-buds, but also our health.

The restaurant is not far from Nyugati railway station (address: 1136 Budapest, Hegedűs Gyula Street 7.). Upon entering the place you’ll immediately experience the atmosphere of an Indian restaurant. The decorations, cave structures, waterfalls, and the silent Indian music take you to a unique world, while the staff of the restaurant ensure joyful relaxation with their kindness and smiles.


Sachin Rana, who owns the restaurant, tells that even though there are several Indian restaurants in Budapest, they welcome guests with a special menu that takes to the faraway culture.

The restaurant is part of an Indian Ayurvedic Restaurants chain, which is present in Germany with already three most successful branches, and they introduced this Ayurvedic gastronomy everywhere. Most of the ingredients come to Europe from India on ship or airplane, from where it gets to Hungary and the other locations, thus guaranteeing true Indian flavours.

The restaurant offers a row of traditional starters, main courses and desserts, and a wide range of vegetarian dishes, which is especially enjoyed by those who don’t eat meat. Palak paneer, which is spinach cooked with garlic, ginger, onion, tomato and is served with paneer cubes, is definitely a special delicacy, but the restaurant can also be proud of their Himalaya kofta, because it is served in a spectacular way and it tastes phenomenal as well.

The abundant and unique selection of starters already shows that you’re in the right place, and as soon as you taste an Indian dahl, Indian salad or patra, you’ll be convinced that this is your new favourite Indian restaurant in Budapest. They also have bread delicacies, the garlic naancheese naan and the mint parantha are strongly recommended as you can’t really try them anywhere else.

Their meat selection is also quite versatile, you can choose from chicken, lamb and fish. One of the most spectacular meals is the chicken tikka masala, which is served in a steaming bowl, but the tangri kebab and malai tikka are also unmissable dishes. If you wish to try something light between two courses, you should go for Indian raita. Regarding garnishes, you won’t be disappointed by the special rice, which is tasty and not too spicy, so that everyone can enjoy it.

You can also try Indian specialties when it comes to drinks. They have special Indian beer, Indian wine, Rum and Indian liquors, And if you desire a truly unique non-alcoholic beverage, you should opt for mango lassi or krauter lassi.

The staff of MahaRana welcome guests with the famous Indian hospitality, as the majority of the kitchen workers and waiters are Indians, thus providing a real Indian background. It seems like guests show their gratitude in exchange for the staff’s kindness, because most of their online ratings are five stars.

Even though the restaurant recently opened, they already have such a pleased circle of guests that they started a new service, in which they take on the serving of big events with even 500-1000 people (delivery included).

Sachin Rana finished by saying that he feels welcomed in Hungary and thinks that people are kind and open to new things, and that he wouldn’t trade Budapest’s special atmosphere for anything . He also shared one of his big secrets: he believes that Hungarian women are the most beautiful, this is why he will choose a Hungarian lady for himself very soon 🙂

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