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If you want to celebrate the anniversary of founding the Hungarian state, the best thing you can do is to visit the capital of Hungary and watch the world-famous fireworks of Budapest. We will let you know of the best spots where you can enjoy it the most, and give you some advice you would find useful. 

Fireworks in Budapest

It is not recommended to take kids under the age of six. They can easily be frightened of the crowd, noise and the sound of the firework rockets. They can get tired quickly, and in case you have to take them home, it is tough to get out of the crowd. Together with kids at this age, it is better to watch the fireworks on TV – it is much more comfortable. 

The situation with dogs is similar. The fireworks are a nightmare for them even at New Year’s Eve.

On that day, it is better to keep the dog inside the house in an environment as noiseless as possible. 

Make sure to have enough food, drink and medicine if needed. Get dress accordingly to the weather and leave your umbrella at home – it is better to wear a raincoat because of the crowd, and you do not need to hold it for hours. We recommend wearing comfortable shoes, no matter of the outlook. Slippers are not suitable to wear either because stepping on your foot in such a crowd is unavoidable.

Going there by car is also a bad idea.

If everyone decides to do so, a never-ending traffic jam is inevitable. Choose to go there by public transport, bicycle or walk to keep going. 

Lánchíd - Augusztus 20.

The most recommended and well-known spots are the wharves of the city – e.g. Id. Antall József wharf, Jane Haining wharf, the lower wharf of Pest and the Salkaházi Sára wharf –, between Batthyány and Szent Gellért squares – the Sztehlo Gábor wharf, Friedrich Born wharf and the Raoul Wallenberg wharf – according to Híradó.hu (news agency of the state). Besides these places, there is a list of spots, where you may catch even more spectacular views: 

  1. Elizabeth Bridge
  2. Várkert Bazár (Castle Bazaar)
  3. The top of Buda Castle’s tunnel
  4. Zikkurat (in the park in front of the National Museum) 
  5. Fisherman’s Bastion
  6. Bar 360
  7. Garden of Philosophers
  8. Margaret Bridge
  9. Petőfi Bridge
  10. Nagy-Kevély (in Pilis mountains)
  11. Hármashatár-hegy (on the border of Pest, Buda and Óbuda) 
  12. Tomb of Gül Baba
  13. Top of Corvin Club

You can see the video about the 2019 plans of the fireworks, with the explosion locations below: 




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