The  bank of the Danube has become the venue of an extreme wellness experience. reports that this year we have the chance again to escape the cold of the winter and the rush of our everyday lives in a small bus turned into a sauna.

You can make a reservation in the bus sauna of VaLyo (Város és Folyó Egyesület – City and River Association) from the middle of January for a whole month.

The extraordinary sauna is located at the Pest bridgehead of Rákóczi bridge and is capable of hosting 4-6 people at once.

“This sauna is different from the others in its unique location and the beautiful panoramic view it provides. It is a reciprocal oasis or a hideaway from the cold, hectic everyday life.” VaLyo claims in its announcement.

Visitors can use the sauna after a compulsory but short recitation of the rules. The guests can enjoy the bus for an hour and a half at a time.

Reservations can be made between the 17th of January and the 16th of February.

The organisers remind guests to take their own slippers, bathing suits, and towels, but the sauna and essential oils are provided. All you need to do is to sit back and relax – and enjoy the hot air.

People trying this unusual type of wellness are helping the work of Város és Folyó Egyesület, which is working on making the bank of the Danube better and more liveable.

We have already written about the mobile sauna. It opened in 2017 for the third time.

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