Based on Transfermarkt’s calculations Péter Gulácsi, the goalkeeper of RB Leipzig and the Hungarian national team is worth 8 million EUR (HUF 2.6 billion). Thus, at the moment he is the most valuable Hungarian football player – according to

Eight players are worth more than a million

According to transfermarkt, the second place goes to Nemanja Nikolics whose buyout is 4.5 million EUR. Balázs Dzsudzsák, probably the most famous Hungarian football player, is only in the third place. He is at the moment free to negotiate and is worth 3.5 million EUR.

Watch here the best skills, goals and assists of Dzsudzsák:

Dzsudzsák is followed by Ádám Szalai (3M EUR) who is playing now in Germany. Then comes Bologna’s player Ádám Nagy with 2.8 million EUR. Among the ‘players for more than a million EUR’ category, there are Roland Sallai and Tamás Kádár both for 2 million EUR. Roland Varga, Ákos Elek and

the 17 years old midfielder regarded as the biggest hope of the Hungarian football,

Dominik Szoboszlai is worth 1 million EUR.

Gulácsi obtained with his price

the second place on the all-time list.

In fact, only Dzsudzsák was more valuable than him in 2012 (18 million EUR). The third place belongs to Szabocs Huszti on this list (7.5 million EUR, 2009), while the fourth is Ádám Szalai (7 million, 2013) and the fifth is Tamás Hajnal (6.5M EUR, 2009).

Ronaldo is worth the whole Hungarian national team

In contrast, the most expensive football player in the world, the Brazilian Neymar’s buyout price from Paris Saint-German is 180 million EUR – according to transfermarkt.

Watch here why he has the top price on the market:

Here the second place belongs to Argentina’s Lionel Messi (180 million EUR), the third to Egypt’s Mohamed Salah (150 million EUR) and the fourth to England’s Harry Kane (150 million EUR). Christiano Ronaldo is only twelfth on this list with 100 million EUR. Thus, he is more than enough to pay the buyout of the whole Hungarian national football team.

According to transfermarkt,

the most valuable team is FC Barcelona

with more than 1 billion EUR. Then comes Manchester City (1.033 billion EUR), Real Madrid (1.015 billion EUR), Chelsea FC (899 million EUR) and Bayern Munich (882 million EUR).

The most valuable national teams in the World Cup 2018 are France (1.08 billion EUR), Brazil (981 million EUR), Spain (974 million EUR) and Germany (883 million EUR). Interestingly, if we take those teams that qualified to the semi-finals, England has the fifth place (874 million EUR), Belgium the sixth (754 million EUR) while Croatia only the tenth.

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