A passenger informed 24.hu that the temperature was unbearable on one of the MÁV trains, and passengers later noticed that the heating was on. The incident happened in June when the outside temperature alone was hard to bear.

24.hu’s source was travelling home from work on the Monor-Cegléd route. The temperature was so hot that all of the windows and doors were wide open. There was no air-conditioning anywhere on the train. People sitting by the window were the first ones to notice that it only got hotter and hotter. As it turned out, the heating was on. The heat was unbearable; passengers were soaking in their own sweats the whole time.

24.hu decided to investigate why the train carriages were heated for no reason whatsoever in the middle of June.

24.hu asked the service provider MÁV about the incident, and the company said that it must have been an isolated incident because all the heating is turned off after the 15th of April according to regulations (and taking into consideration the outside temperature).

Regarding the question of why was the heating working on that particular train, MÁV said nothing. It remains a mystery.

MÁV also claimed that any time passengers experience extreme heat (or cold for that matter) they can always contact the staff and ask for help. However, the passenger who reported the incident also told 24.hu that the conductor never came while he was on the train, so there was no one to talk to except for the other outraged passengers.

Currently, only one third of the MÁV trains are equipped with some kind of air-conditioning system.

The local IC trains and the more modern international trains (such as the Desiro, Talent, Flirt) are equipped with some kind of air-conditioning, while the older, regular wagons (which are still used every day) have no air-conditioning.

MÁV promises that each and every new vehicle they will put into service will have air-conditioning, and they are trying to work on the issue.

Fun fact: if you add up all the delays, MÁV trains were 3.5 years late in 2017.

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Source: www.24.hu

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