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Starting next week, police will have the authority to close restaurants and shops and recommend the cancellation of sporting and cultural events, he said. PM Orbán underscored the importance of wearing face masks, saying that those who refused to comply with the rule were putting other people’s health at risk.

Hungary’s coronavirus curve is rising, Orbán said, adding that the daily new case and fatality trends were set to remain adverse.

Orbán added, at the same time, that public discipline regarding the restrictions was satisfactory in comparison with other countries. “But the situation is going to get more serious; we need more,” he said.

Moreover, the government has again extended the previously ordered border closure; the extension means another 1 month and lasts until December 1, according to the decree. The border closure would have originally expired on November 1st.

Concerning Thursday’s extraordinary video conference of the European Council, Orbán said the situation regarding Covid-19 was “far worse” in many western European countries than in Hungary.

In the video conference, EU leaders discussed the need for coordination in the handling of the pandemic through information sharing and the establishment of uniform border regulations, Orbán said. “The latter isn’t really working so far because some countries are more lenient while Hungary is stricter,” he said, adding that Hungary was also hesitant to accept Covid tests carried out in other countries.

As regards the question of implementing tougher restrictions, the prime minister said some countries had implemented “extremely tight” restrictions but were not seeing any improvement in their case numbers.

“So we should just establish some rules and follow them,” he said. “To me, the key is in complying with the existing rules rather than establishing new ones.”

Orbán said Hungary’s health-care system was capable of bearing the burdens caused by the epidemic. “We have enough hospital beds, medicine, ventilators, doctors and nurses even if they have to be transferred,” he said. Hungary has the third largest reserve of hospital beds in Europe after Germany and Austria and the largest reserve of ventilators, he said.

The prime minister said Hungary had originally ordered 1.4 million doses of the flu vaccine but had recently put in an order for another 360,000.

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Source: MTI

  1. They all sound like fortune tellers but better because they know every detail and have the power to dictate laws over the people stripping them of their freedom. Back in 2015 they said there would be a serious virus outbreak, 2019 it started, as soon as it started they said there would be a second wave, and it would be even worse than the first, and bling(!) here it is!!! Laws and more laws cutting people’s freedom, businesses and income. They all preach about the vaccine, but don’t tell you that if you have a serious reaction to it and become crippled, the pharmaceutical companies have no liability, you are on your own!!!! Wake up people, they’re destroying our lives and the countries economy!

  2. I agree with anonymous poster above totally. I am not saying that people are not dying and getting sick. But,I want to remind people a majority of those getting sick and dying have other serious potentially life threatening conditions like Cancer, diabetes, obesity, heart disease, alcoholism, etc. , I also want people to consider the possibility of environmental issues such as EMF radiation from cellular phones and electrical appliances in their homes and places of employment such as microwave ovens and wireless devices in them can also be detrimental to health. I think a serious health condition is being taken advantage of globally to limit peoples ability to travel and enjoy their lives. I think that their are sinister motives behind the over reaching limitation on our liberty. I think the powers that be want us living in unnecessary fear and we must ask ourselves why? Is it a prelude to a global financial collapse? and the resulting chaos that will ensue? Maybe an incoming asteroid or something we are not yet aware about?

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