The 2020 Formula One Hungarian Grand Prix takes place over 70 laps of the 4.381-kilometre Hungaroring in Budapest on Sunday, July 19. This is the first time in history the event is held without spectators at the scene. Here are 10 facts you did not know about the Hungarian Grand Prix.

In honour of the 35th Hungarian Grand Prix held this weekend, hvg collected 10 interesting facts about Hungaroring.

The first Hungarian Grand Prix at Hungaroring took place in 1986. This race was won by Brazilian racing driver Nelson Piquet.

Among the current drivers, Lewis Hamilton, Kimi Räikkönen, Sebastian Vettel, and Daniel Ricciardo all won races at Hungaroring.

15 out of the 34 Hungarian Grand Prix were won by the driver who started the race from the 1st place.

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British racing driver Jenson Button won the 2006 Hungarian Grand Prix even though he started the race from the 14th place due to a ten-place starting grid penalty. This was quite an achievement as overtakes are particularly tricky at Hungaroring. The 2006 Hungarian Grand Prix was also the first win for Jenson Button, who finished in first place after 113 winless races.

The 2006 Hungarian Grand Prix was the one where Polish driver Robert Kubica made his debut. In fact, he did better at the qualifications than his teammate Nick Heidfeld. He finished 7th at the race, but he was eventually disqualified.

The most qualifying sessions at Hungaroring were won by Michael Schumacher. The German racing driver started the race from 1st place seven times. Lewis Hamilton is getting pretty close to breaking Schumacher’s record. Similarly, Michael Schumacher won the highest number of races at Hungaroring (eight), but Lewis Hamilton has a good chance of overtaking Schumacher this year.

8 out of the 10 teams have already gained points in the first two races of the 2020 Formula1 World Championship that took place in Austria. In both of these races, the fastest laps were achieved by the McLaren Renault drivers.

If you read this far, you would probably be interested in the top 10 moments at the Hungarian Grand Prix. Check out this video below.


  1. 3 facts: it’s noisy, it creates a lot of air pollution and wastes a lot of petrol.

  2. I get to see Formula One races every Day when I walk along Hunyadi Janos Ut. going up to Castle Hill. It’s a favorite spot for loud sports cars, motorcycles and scooters to test out their noisy vehicles . It’s the only street in Budapest that goes strait uphill and they can go fast and loud and because of the narrow street and buildings on both sides, it sounds like they are in a tunnel like the one by the Chain Bridge. It used to be the rumbling noisy smelly Soviet tanks. Then came the noisy smokey buses and here we are with our own daily “Formula One”!

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