The Blue Wave Flag competition was held in 2018, too, awarding 34 beaches at Lake Balaton, one more than last year. According to csodalatosbalaton.hu12 of them received the impressive 5-star title, while the other 22 got three or four stars.

The Blue Wave Flag award

blue wave flag, balaton
Blue Wave Flag

The Blue Wave Flag competition acknowledges and awards the high quality of the services provided. The award ceremony took place in Balatongyörök. The president of the committee assigning the awards emphasised that

there is no doubt the Hungarian beaches have gone through a vast improvement.

During the competition, the jury evaluated each beach from the following aspects:

  1. parking opportunities
  2. the condition and cleanliness of the toilets
  3. the level of accessibility of each beach
  4. the state of the environment
  5. the quality and shading of the playgrounds
  6. the sporting opportunities
  7. the child-friendly facilities (changing tables, family changing rooms)
  8. the restaurants, pubs and other services (such as Wifi or lockers, etc.)

This year, a 34th beach applied to take part in the competition as opposed to last year’s 33. All of them succeeded in attaining the Blue Wave Flag.

The flag itself is an indication as to the quality of the beach, but the stars provide additional information.

Lake Balaton view
Lake Balaton

5-star beaches

  1. Vonyarcvashegy Lidó Beach
  2. Balatongyörök Township Beach
  3. Gyenesdiás Diási Toys Beach
  4. Szigliget Township Bath
  5. Balatonfüred Kisfaludy Beach
  6. Alsóörs Township Beach
  7. Balatonfüred Esterházy Beach
  8. Csopak Township Beach
  9. Keszthely City Beach
  10. Balatonalmádi Wesselényi Beach
  11. Balatonberény Township Beach
  12. Balatonföldvár Eastern Beach

4-star beaches

  1. Keszthely Goose Beach
  2. Balatonudvar Fövenyesi Beach
  3. Balatonudvar Township Beach
  4. Balatonmáriafürdő Central Pay-Beach
  5. Zamárdi Grand Beach
  6. Révfülöp Császtai Beach
  7. Ábrahámhegy Township Beach
  8. Balatonfűzfő Sandy Bath
  9. Balatonakali Township Beach
  10. Balatonlelle Sunlight Beach
  11. Siófok Great Beach
  12. Zánka Township Beach
  13. Balatonszárszó Mikszáth Street Central Beach
  14. Fonyód Panorama Beach
  15. Badacsonytomaj Badacsony Beach

3-star beaches

  1. Badacsonytomaj City Beach
  2. Balatonfűzfő Tobruk Beach
  3. Keszthely Helikon Beach
  4. Balatonboglár Sycamore Beach
  5. Révfülöp Island Beach
  6. Balatonederics Green Wave Beach

2-star beach

  1. Balatonszemes, Berzsenyi Street Free Beach

This year, 5 beaches were awarded special prizes. The Lord Protector special prize that the beach with the most points gets was awarded to the Gyenesdiás Diási Toys Beach by Zoltán Fenyvesi, member of parliament (Fidesz-KDNP).

beach, lake balaton
Balatongyörök Township Beach

Balatongyörök Township Beach was chosen as the ‘greenest’ beach at Lake Balaton. For this title, things like the treatment of the environment, the use of renewable energy sources, animal protection and the selling of local products were considered, as well as how accessible it is by bike or how much water they save.

The General Assembly of Veszprám County’s local government awarded an excellent local beach. The special prize went to the Balatonudvar Fövenyesi Beach. Somogy County local government awarded its general assembly’s special prize to the Zamárdi Great Beach while the Vonyarcvashegy Lidó Beach received the special award by Zala County local government.

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