The 1st European member of Jamie Oliver’s new restaurant chain, a pizzeria, is opened where once the Gozsdu Manó Club, better known as GMK, was. So far, he only operated a pizzeria in India. The franchise holder of the restaurant is the same Zsidai Group Ltd. with Zoltán Roy Zsidai that is also responsible for the franchise of Jamie’s Italian restaurant, opened last year in the Buda Castle, the Spíler and the ÉS bistro. reports that Jamie Oliver’s 1st European pizzeria is opened in Budapest on 12 December. After opening Jamie’s Italian restaurant last year in the Buda Castle, Jamie Oliver announced that a pizzeria was also going to be opened.

Roland J. Takács, the chef of the Jamie’s Italian said that the basic ingredient they use for the pizza pastry is smooth flour, but a special type: 00 type flour is used for it, while the rest of the ingredients come from Italy. The perfect recipe is that they leave the pastry for a day, then they bake it at 400°C for 5 minutes.

The secret of the perfect pizza pastry/ facebook/Jamie’s Pizzeria Budapest

Compared to Jamie’s Italian restaurant, there are less main courses available in the pizzeria, but more pizzas offered to the customers that are also cheaper than those in the Buda Castle. In his restaurant, it is hardly possible to eat a pizza under 3,000 Ft (10 euros), while in the pizzeria, the cheapest one with mozzarella and parmesan is 1,880 Ft (6.3 euros) and the most expensive one with Parma ham is 2,980 Ft (10 euros).

The now 42-year-old British chef was always interested in gastronomy and that is why he went to Westminister Catering College to continue his education. Later on, he also worked for several reputable restaurants.

As far as his breakthrough in the media is concerned, he appeared in a documentary while working in the River Café in London, and from that time on, there was no halt.

He hosted cooking shows like The Naked Chef, wrote several cookbooks and opened 60 restaurants worldwide.

Pizza specialities /facebook/Jamie’s Pizzeria Budapest

The reason why he enjoys such popularity lies in the simplicity of his recipes that can be cooked in a relatively short time. These recipes attract millions of people. He is a dedicated advocate of the healthy lifestyle and promotes it by always using fresh, quality and local ingredients.

In the video he shared about the opening of his new pizzeria in Budapest, he also reveals that Hungarians can expect further Jamie restaurants to be opened in the country next year. We are glad to hear that. So, stay tuned for further restaurant openings in Budapest! 🙂

Let’s check out this video!

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