The summer is finally here! The whole country will gear up for the most extended party of the year- the Summer Festival 2014. During all the three months of the season people will be able to experience some unique cultural ephemera. 

The Budapest Summer Festival will take place on several locations. The organizers are extremely proud to present to the publicrecently renovated Margaret Island open-air stage. Ferenc Snétberger and friendswill present his concert for guitar and orchestra called “For My People

”on the June 13th, heralding the beginning of the summer season on Margit Island. Another traditional cultural spot of the Summer Festival is Városmajor open-air stage. A Jazz concert of Molnár Dixieland Band 50 on July 5th will mark the start of cultural adventures on the Városmajor stage.

Margaret Island Water Tower, Saint Margaret Ruins and interactive fairytale stage will also be hosting numerous events. These very special historical locations redefined the very idea of a stage. Musical and theatrical miracles should happen not only in the confines of a concert hall. Every guest of the Summer Festival will be able to experience outstanding performances of the international art titans while watching honey-colored sunset enveloping the symbolic imageries of Budapest.

The program of the festival is extremely diverse; everything from ballet performances brought by the Moscow theatre, Giuseppe Verdi’s Aida and Shakespeare’s Hamlet will bring back the romance of the past. Some exceptionally talented virtuosos will present modern art: Felix Lajkó, Boban and Marko – Markovic Orchestra, Eszter Váczi, Buena Vista Social Club (these are only few of the outstanding performers).

If you are interested in getting a full information about the repertoire and prices of the Budapest Summer Festival please visit their official website:

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by Ekaterina Egorova



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