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If you have been wondering whether it is just you, or everything really has become extremely expensive in Hungary over the last few years, Pé’s report about the huge price increase is just for you.

To answer the initial question, it was not only regular people’s perception: everything became much more expensive in Hungary between 2000 and 2017 with regards to consumer prices.

The price increase has been so drastic that they have been raised by 98 pc on average, which is the 3rd highest among EU member states.

The only countries that precede us in the list are Romania and Iceland – the former with a 257 pc increase, the latter with a 108 pc rise in prices. Right after us, Bulgaria and Latvia follow with 155 and 140 pc respectively. Although we are in third place total among other EU countries, considering the results sector by sector gives us a different insight.

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Photo: European Commission / Eurostat

Hungary precedes every EU member state in terms of price change in the healthcare sector: public healthcare services are 157 pc higher than 17 years ago, which is the biggest increase in the entire EU.

Although this number is shameful, it is not at all surprising: the healthcare system is officially in ruins in Hungary. Recently, we have shared an article about the photo of a Hungarian hospital that went viral on the internet and has been liked and shared by many people. Also, though during the elections billions of Forints were seemingly given to hospitals, these funds were seriously cut following the election win in April. Besides, hospitals are overwhelmingly indebted and waiting lists are huge.

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There has been an increase in another sector of goods: alcoholic beverages (spirits, beer, wine), and tobacco is drastically 220 pc more expensive than 17 years ago.

The increase in the price of alcoholic beverages is only the beginning, as there will be a huge rise in taxes on spirits such as palinka. Pálinka, among other beverages, can be almost HUF 2,000 (~EUR 6) more expensive than before, which equals a 30-40 pc price increase. We have also written about the high tobacco prices compared to other countries in the region.

Restaurant and hotel prices have also gone up drastically: it is 158 pc more expensive to go on holiday or have a nice lunch in a restaurant than 17 years ago. Recreational and cultural costs have also risen, though less significantly, by 53 pc.

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