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Photo: 9gag.com

“This is not Chernobyl…This is a currently operating hospital in Hungary” – indicates the caption on a photo of a Hungarian hospital viewed by thousands, as Napi.hu reports.

The photo of a Hungarian hospital went viral on the internet and has been liked and shared by many people. Both Americans and Hungarian doctors shared the picture with the sad but true caption. The photo illustrates how horrible the state of the Hungarian health care system is and how the government does not do anything to change it.

Take a look at the photo here:

9gag hungarian hospital
Photo: https://9gag.com/

Although it is true that the photo in itself is somewhat distorted, it reflects the fact that Hungarian hospitals are not well-equipped and are dangerous due to the high risk of infections.

The building has been under renovation for years but works have stopped since the constructor left the project as a consequence of a legal battle. The construction of the Kútvölgyi Clinics started in 2016, more than 2 years ago, and was supposed to be done by February.

Since the failed delivery date of February, there has been no work done in the hospital whatsoever.

The main problem is that Hungarian hospitals are overwhelmingly indebted and their financial management is completely chaotic. Besides, Hungarian doctors are overworked and many of them move abroad to work.

No wonder the situation is getting only worse if the Hungarian government spends three times more money on stadiums than on hospitals.

Some of the commenters also had this in mind when seeing the picture:

Well, that’s what happens when you and your politicians are too busy restoring some lost empire instead of taking care of the country. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯” – colcaboom writes.

Others worry more about the extreme conditions that patients are exposed to:

“My wife’s grandma (we are Hungarian) escaped hospital already 5 times because she said that all her 70+ friends died if they stayed a night. (…) By the way, it’s true, almost all her old friends died in a hospital and not from serious illnesses but infections.” – mastermind commented.

Someone else made a funny comment about how the government blames every problem in Hungary on Soros, even though he has nothing to do with any of it:

This is because of Soros and his migrants of course! OP must be a Soros’ hireling!!” – rofwlmao wrote.

Source: Napi.hu

  1. That is a shame and embarrassment. The hospitals should not be in this condition and medical staff should not be leaving the country. The government has to stop this, restructure, refinance and get the ball rolling on bringing the facilities up to par.

  2. I am visiting Hungary in August , I will investigate take pictures of this particular hospital and show what’s real. Thanks

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