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The curfew seems to be the worst (or the least effective) of the coronavirus restrictions: one-third of Hungarians want it to end as soon as the number of vaccinated people reaches 5 million.

As reports, based on a representative survey carried out by Pulzus Research, approximately one-fifth of Hungarians support easing any of the current restrictions once we hit the 5 million mark, except for the curfew which 33% want to see gone. The options, out of which respondents could choose multiple, were the following:

  • Being allowed to attend concerts (for those vaccinated);
  • Being allowed to host wedding receptions with any number of guests (for those vaccinated);
  • Stores can stay open as long as they want (for those vaccinated);
  • Opening swimming pools and other sports venues to everyone;
  • Complete cessation of the curfew.

The first four were supported by 19, 20, 22, and 23% of respondents respectively.

Surprisingly, 41% of Hungarians polled voted for the option “neither”, saying that they would not make these steps conditional on the number of vaccinated individuals.

According to, the large proportion of those who do not want the reopening to depend on vaccination could be partially explained by the fact that 18% of Hungarians are anti-vaccine, based on the data of the National Statistics Bureau. Another possible reason for the prevalence of this answer is that some may think that the previous measures came too early and we should not risk another great wave of infections.

There were no significant differences between the responses of men and women; however, those possessing a college or university degree were more in favour of keeping restrictions in place regardless of the number of vaccinated individuals than those with a high school diploma or less.

The residents of Budapest were also less enthusiastic about any of these possible measures than those living elsewhere,

except for putting an end to the curfew, which 32% of them supported, which is essentially the same as the nationwide average.

Contrary to PM Orbán’s plan to vaccinate 5 million people by mid-May and 7 million by early June, the finish line seems to be quite far away. As Telex pointed out, on the 6 May, there was already a gap of approximately 600,000 between the planned and the actual number of vaccinated individuals. According to the latest data released by the government, approximately 4,725,000 people have signed up for the vaccine; therefore, the biggest obstacle in reaching the 7 million mark, which is the necessary minimum for herd immunity, is likely to be not the lack of vaccines but the lack of willing individuals.

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Source:, Telex

  1. And the Rakparks will be full of River ships.
    It’s happening now at Clark Adams Bridge.
    Checking station for passengers getting constructed for those getting off Viking Ships to go through vaccination checking point prior to be “let loose” on Hungary soil.
    Just a matter of time – it’s HAPPENING.

  2. PROBLEM : about 20% of Hungarians are so-called “anti-vaxxers”, whilst others are trying to somehow ‘circumvent the regulations’.

    SOLUTION : those same individuals will NOT receive a Government-issued ‘immunity card’ and therefore are NOT entitled to attend art galleries / cinemas / concerts / museums / sports venues / swimming pools / wedding receptions / sit inside a restaurant / stay at hotels or other accommodation, etc. etc. etc.


    It’s really VERY simple to understand, even for the ’empty-headers’.

  3. Agree with AlfredE.Neuman, these “anti-vaxxers” just a self centered, selfish inconsiderate attitude.
    In the workplace, if it and hopefully sooner than later it becomes mandatory in Hungary, if you are not vaccinated/immunized – these are your options :
    (1) – the law is the law and you are not above the law.
    (2) – you either become vaccinated/immunized or your on-going position in this organization will be :
    (a) – given 5 days to be vaccinated/immunized.
    (b) – those 5 days will be without remuneration.
    (c) – or tender immediately your resignation.
    If after 5 days you do become vaccinated you may return to the workplace on presentation of your vaccination certificate.
    You will return to the same position and conditions of your employment, as prior to this novel coronavirus pandemic.
    If you remain opposed to the law of mandatory vaccination in ALL places of employment in Hungary – your options are :
    (1) – tender your resignation immediately.
    (2) – after 5 days of considering your position, if you remain negative and opposed to the laws of vaccination in employment under Hungarian Workplace Law(s) – you will be terminated by your employer.
    Confidence in Prime Minister – Victor Orban, that this will not be a major political problem, and we see it Mandatory in the immediate future.

  4. Congratulations Andrew for your clear elucidation of the situation in Hungary regarding ‘anti-vaxxers’.

  5. Pretty stupid approaches of convincing people to be vaccinated. Nowhere else the distinction between vaccinated and not vaccinated is not adopted by law.

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