It was the 5th time that the HTCC Africa Expo and Fair was organized at Hungexpo, and within the borders of the Travel exhibition guests and visitors could get to know the world of Africa better, writes.

The HTCC Africa Expo did not only inform the potential visitors about the country, but hosted several shows, 5th HTCC Africa Expo exhibitions and provided goods to help people imagine how life in Africa looks like. HTCC (Hungarian Trade and Cultural Center) gave its name to the Africa Expo 2016, which was opened by Sándor Balogh, president of HTCC and the African-Hungarian Union. Balogh later held a conference titled “Trade Opportunities in Africa.”

Minister of State for Public Administration Gábor Czepek said that the Hungarian government thinks of Africa as an important partner, where foreign investors, including Hungarians, are welcomed. After the speech of Ákos Szatmári, HTCC’s Director of Business Development, Lizeth Satumbo Pena, ambassador of Angola talked about the relation of Hungary and the African countries. The ambassador said that Angola’s future lies in tourism, but it’s still waiting to be discovered that makes that country “a gold mine waiting to be explored.” Negash Kibret, ambassador of Ethiopia said that the Africa Expo is a great opportunity to develop further bilateral business relations.

Visitors of the 5th HTCC Africa Expo had the chance to see countless exhibitions and programmes, such as Senegalese dance and drum shows; they could get to know the Africa related books of publisher Globobook and the authors themselves, and could also listen to African music.

5th HTCC Africa ExpoSándor Balogh, president of the African-Hungarian Union (AHU), and the Hungarian Trade and Cultural Center (HTCC), emphasized that the exhibition is not only a fair, but also a meeting point for Africa lovers, where the representatives of several embassies were also present.

The second day of the Africa Expo gave place to many dance and music shows, and Róbert Richárd Kiss presented his instrument collection with the help of Diamond River Cast’s beautiful models. Those who could guess where the different instruments came from in Africa were awarded with a Tropical magazine and a bottle of mineral water.

The president and founder of HTCC emphasized that Africa is a very dynamic and rapidly developing continent, and it won’t be long until it becomes the prime mover of world economy.

Edit Mészáros, editor in chief of Tropical magazine introduced the magazine to the guests, and several issues could 5th HTCC Africa Expobe bought on the spot. The magazine is worth buying for those who have never been to Africa but would like to travel there some day, but experienced travellers can also discover new aspects of the hot continent while reading its articles. The magazine is bilingual, making it available for foreigners in Hungary as well, who wish to know more about Africa.

The 5th Africa Expo did not lack programmes and activities; the four-day long event chain had cultural programmes, presented celebrities like Al Ghaoui Hesna, Kembe Sorel, the members of the Hungarian teenage series “High school” made several performances, publisher Globobook organized many Africa themed quizzes, Abdoul Camara Senegalese dancer had a great dance and drum show, and there were book fairs, fashion shows, and hand-made African goods as well.


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