As Daily News Hungary has recently reported, China was fascinated by a revolutionary Hungarian invention which could help them use more green energy in the future, writes. According to the Hungarian Trade and Cultural Center (HTCC), the negotiations are going very well.

The Hungarian collector is unique and different because of the fluid that converts light into heat. A special black fluid is circulating in the collectors and becomes the surface that collects sunrays; the fluid is contained in glass bodies, and is able to convert more light into heat than any previously used material.

The collectors contain more fluid than traditional ones, and are able to give off more heat; the surface is not likely to overheat, because the ablative surface is also the cooling fluid. Therefore, it has a lower working temperature, and the difference between the delivered heat and the environment’s temperature is lower than in the case of traditional systems. The collectors don’t have to be kept under constant pressure, and the operating pressure is also lower.

The fluid only has to be changed in every three years, and, because it can absorb more fluid than any other system, it’s smaller and cheaper than its competitors. These features make it possible to use the solar collectors in non-traditional spaces, such as in different block of flats, and in houses which are not newly built.

According to inventor Péter Boda the solar collector can easily cover a family’s hot water needs. The Hungarian factory makes 30 collectors a day, but the Chinese TIANYUAN company is seriously interested in the product. The company said that the Hungarian invention can change the way people heat water not only in China, but in the whole world. If the negotiations end, the Chinese factory will produce much more collectors a day.

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