It is not only that the Heritage services are available again until the end of September, but BKK and BKV also announced that the articulated Ikarus buses are in service as well, reports.

Manufactured in 1970, the Ikarus 180 buses are in service on every other Sunday, as part of the Heritage service program. The last time these buses were seen on the roads was in 1980, one of these models was renewed in 2013 and even though it was in circulation occasionally, it is only this year that it will have a regular route. The bus with the BH sign will stop at Deák Ferenc tér, Ferenciek tere, Elizabeth bridge, Lánchíd street, Bem rakpart, Margaret Bridge, Bajcsy-Zsilinszky street and then it will return to Deák Ferenc tér.

Tram line 2 is among the most beautiful lines in the world, on which route the Danube Tram (DH) can be taken on every Saturday between Közvágóhíd bridge and Jászai Mari square. This line was built after WWII, and it proves to be the most beautiful sight during day and night, since it passes by the Parliament, the Duna-korzó and most of the hotels on the Pest side, but the famous Buda Castle is also visible from from aboard.

The Duna Villamos (Danube Tram) / photo:

Budapest is famous for its thermal baths, which you can see if you take the Thermal Tram (TH). The Thermal Tram starts off every Sunday at Szent János Hospital, then follows the Rudas Baths, Elizabeth bridge, Chain bridge, then taking the road below the Margaret bridge, it finally arrives at Lukács Termal Baths. What’s more is that if you get a ten percent discount at Lukács or Gellért baths if you have a ticket for this tram.

If you want to see how gorgeous the city is, you can take the Snow White (Hófehérke) ship. Snow White is the last representative of the classic boats manufactured in the 19th century still cruising on the Danube, it was manufactured in 1895 at the Schoenichen-Hartmann Hajógyár at Újpest.

You can buy Heritage single tickets or daily, even yearly passes, either at the BKK customer service centres, ticket offices or on the spot. Further information visit the official website of BKK.

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