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A man armed with a knife tried to rob a grocery shop in Florida when the Hungarian György Márton intervened and stopped the criminal. Blikk.hu asked Márton to talk about this unusual experience.

A young man attacked the shopkeeper and the customers at a local Fort Lauderdale in Florida during broad daylight. Upon trying to flee the scene with the money from the cash register, György Márton flung himself on the robber and pushed him to ground, rendering him unable to move. Márton and his girlfriend were on their way out of the shop, when the robber rushed inside, passing them by. He described the robber as an untidy young man.

“When I looked back, I saw the cashier shouting, while the man was forcing the cash register open and grabbing the banknotes” – recollects Márton, who successfully stopped the robber at the door. “Although the whole thing came quite unexpectedly, fortunately, I didn’t hesitate much – I didn’t even have the time to think the situation through – I tripped him immediately and pinned him to the ground by his neck, squeezing it as tight as I could. That was when the security guard stepped in and collected the money scattered around. Not much later an older and a younger customer helped me to keep the robber down until the police arrived. It was tough, I have to admit, he wanted to get loose desperately. “

The police arrived and took over the situation, congratulating Márton. The employees, the customers and the police all clapped for Márton, celebrating his bravery. Some people even took videos of the incident. Blikk tried to contact the local police force to find out what happened to the robber, but they got no answer so far.

György Márton concludes his story with a positive comment, saying that it was an adventurous holiday, especially since on that day they had no car and walked altogether 30 kilometres in the city.

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