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He said on a press conference that the Chain Bridge should be closed to stop people like him climbing on the top of it.

Unless you are not a Hollywood superstar do not try it!

In fact, the American superstar was asked a question regarding his #Inmyfeelings Instagram challenge during a press conference held about his new film, Aladdinhvg.hu reported. As we reported before, he carried out the task on Father’s Day previous year on the top of the Chain Bridge. The video made about his performance has already more than 19 million viewers and you can watch it here:

In fact, only certain people are allowed to climb the Chain Bridge. For example, Eddie Murphy shot some scenes on top of the bridge some time ago and it is mostly film crews and professional photographers who get the permit. This is because it is rather dangerous to go on top of the bridge, so people need permission, appropriate security gear and crew to go up there. Neither of these had Will Smith, but the Hungarian police did nothing probably because he is a Hollywood superstar.

Otherwise, he would have been fined or even prosecuted

with causing danger to the public as well as to the traffic.

19 million viewers

Smith (50) was told that since his performance many had tried to copy what he did then. The Hollywood actor highlighted in his answer that he had a very easy job to climb on the top of it; therefore, he advised the Hungarian government to close the bridge.

Here is the full press conference:

He said that he just stepped out of his hotel room, climbed on the bridge, opened a door and he already found himself on the roof of the bridge. Therefore, such doors should be closed. He added that it was fantastic to stand there, the view was hilarious but stressed that he does not want to encourage anybody to copy what he did.

We reported before that last summer he was shooting his new film, Gemini Man. He appeared many times on top of famous Hungarian buildings, for example, he shared a post in which he was sitting on the top of the Hungarian State Opera building before his performance on the Chain Bridge. Furthermore, he celebrated Father’s Day in Budapest by shooting cool slow motion videos in front of the Chain Bridge. He was joined by his daughter, Willow and other friends with whom they had a small water fight – our featured image was taken and posted after the game.

And finally, we also include the trailer of Will Smith’s new film. But if you want to read about the famous Hungarian umbrella man climbing even higher than Will Smith did click HERE.


Source: hvg.hu

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