Will Smith got a lot of attention recently with his dancing video: the actor shooting in Budapest climbed to the top of the Chain Bridge and danced there. However, as Péter Kálló, photographer of Szeretlek Magyarország reminds us in his Instagram post, there is a man in Hungary, who climbed much higher.


“Hey @willsmith , it’s me, The Umbrella Man and this is my response to your #kikichallenge ! Climbing out of a little window and dancing on the roof is no challenge for me ? This is how I chill at sunrise above Budapest. Morover, I’m doing it legally ??? Dear Will! We defeated you in the #kekechallenge ! ???” Balance Project is an art photoproject going on for many years now. The main character is the mysterious Umbrella Man who appears at well known spots around Budapest, such as the Budapest Eye, the top of the Castle, or you can spot him on top of the bridges, just like Will, only showing some more extreme stunts 🙂 Photographer: @kallopeter ————- Link in bio! ———— #budapest #willsmith #umbrellaman #balanceproject #ig_budapest #drone #drones #dronestagram #dronefly #dronephotography #dronesdaily #droneoftheday #dji #djiphantom4 #art #artoftheday #artofvisuals #artoninstagram #aov #wanderlust #vscocam #photography #ig_photooftheday #photooftheday #extreme #stunt #daredevil #picoftheday ———— @djiglobal @djihungary @napidron @dronephotoaward @rockstarphotographers @dronestagr.am @dronegear

Peter Kallo (@kallopeter) által megosztott bejegyzés,

People all over the Chain Bridge

Following the hardly responsible example of the Hollywood star many people tried to climb the Chain Bridge in the last couple of days until the authorities got fed up with the trend, as none of them had any permission to do so.

But there is a man, who not only climbed much higher and executed more dangerous movements, but also did it way before Will Smith set foot on Hungarian ground.

He is the truly mysterious Umbrella Man (Esernyős Ember), who has showed up on the top of Budapest buildings or the Budapest Eye at Deak Square. During the FINA championship he also jumped from the trampoline on Batthyány Square. Contrary to the latest self-designated acrobats, he does have permission to climb these famous sights.

The Umbrella Man

Péter Kálló, photographer, explained that they have a longer art project, the Balance project. “Nobody really knows, who he really is, but he certainly climbs the buildings of Budapest”.

Kálló’s first photo series about the Umbrella Man won him first prize at the Hungarian Press Photo Award in 2016, in the Art category. Together they also gained international fame when the popular Bored Panda page shared the pictures. And due to a collaboration with the Hungarian band, Brains, Umbrella Man now has his own music video as well.


On the latest pictures you can see him balancing on top of the dome of Budavár Palace and performing striking acrobatic stunts, for example the so-called flag move, which poses a difficulty even on the ground.

Executing the flag move. Photo: facebook.com/kallopeterphoto

Let us hope that neither Will Smith nor anyone else tries to copy these moves. And as far as the Umbrella Man is concerned, well, nobody knows where he shows up next, so keep your eyes open and you might just spot him live in the heights.

For more check out: facebook.com/kallopeterphoto

If you wish to see more pictures, make sure to check out Péter Kálló’s facebook page and follow his Instagram.


Featured photo: facebook.com/kallopeterphoto

Source: szeretlekmagyarorszag.hu

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