Award winning photographer Péter Kálló regularly shoots photos for One of his most famous projects has made its way to the popular site Kálló’s recent project, the Balance of Budapest, follows the mysterious “Umbrella Man” who is photographed in a balancing positions on bridges, statues, or other famous structures in Budapest.

None of the pictures are photoshopped, and you should not try this at home! The aim of the project is to show the most famous sights of Budapest from a strange, minimalist point of view, with the Umbrella Man. Kálló said that “He [the umbrella man] is standing above the physical world, like balancing on the top of the world, while also merging with it, like a small part in the whole does. There isn’t just internal balance. The pursuit of harmony is the basis of the laws of nature that surround us.”

Check out or Kálló’s Tumblr page for more pictures.

Cover photo: Péter Kálló

Copy editor: bm

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