Woman dragged by her hair
Photo: Facebook.com

A shocking video was posted to Facebook on 18 October. The footage is less than one and a half minutes long, but it is not easy to watch. It shows a man dragging a desperate woman by her hair along main road 83. She keeps screaming for help, struggling to get out of the man’s grip, without success.

The man who uploaded the video to Facebook claims that he did not record the footage. The video was originally uploaded by someone else who has deleted the entire post since then.

The man who uploaded the footage thinks that it is incredibly sad that everyone was watching this happen, and no one helped the woman out. Both the people recording the video and the others driving by should be deeply ashamed of themselves.

Road 83 is a main road which is quite busy during the day, which is shown in the footage as well.

Cars come and go, a few even slow down to see what is happening, but nobody stops to help the woman. She is dragged across the road, between the moving cars, but no one is willing to help her, even though she is screaming for help, and she is clearly in despair.

It is clear as day that she is terrified. She does not only fight constantly to be freed from the man’s grip, but she also screams for help, and at one point urinates herself.

Figyelem!! A videót nem én készîtettem!! A videót letörölte a feltöltője, én visszatöltöttem!! Megkérek mindenkit aki teheti ossza meg, hátha meglesz az illető!! Úristen… Pápàn hajànàl fogva vonszolta vêgig a nőt… Ráadásul egy fő út mellett… A. Nő az életéért könyörög… Segitséget kiàlt… Ti autósok miért mentetek el mellettük csak úgy???? Ti videózók miêrt hagytàtok, hogy megalázza ezt művelje vele??? Szánalmasak vagytok!! Te pedig remêlem. Megleszel te nyomorék és têged is igy hurcolnak meg!!

Zveřejnil(a) Erdei Attila dne Pátek 18. října 2019

Index reported that the Pápa Police Department had initiated proceedings against the offender for truculence, and they started to investigate the case based on the footage on Facebook. Shortly, police detained the 19-year-old man from Dabrony on 31 October. The perpetrator is being detained and questioned while the police have initiated his arrest.

Source: www.index.hu

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