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A horse fell from Buda Castle on Friday during the hussars’ patrol, as Várgondnokság Közhasznú Nonprofit Ltd. told MTI. None of the visitors was injured, according to

The report claims that a cavalier of Hungarian Hussar and Tradition Keeper Association was patrolling in the castle when his horse  due to an unlucky side-step  collided with the stone bulwark and fell into the Castle Garden Foundry Courtyard, where it died.

The tradition-keeper organization introduced a new custom: hussar cavalry battalions “patrol” in Budapest’s Castle District every weekend since July. The hussars were marching on the eastern road towards Clark Ádám Square this Friday, when one of the horses stepped aside. The horse accidentally collided with a 50-centimeters-tall stone parapet, lost its balance and fell over the bulwark. Then it slipped on the lawn behind the parapet and fell with its rider.

The rider could jump down from the horse just in time, but the unfortunate mount fell behind the restaurant on Foundry Courtyard to its death.

The fire brigade and the police were called to the scene of the accident, and Várgondnokság Közhasznú Nonprofit Ltd. temporarily closed off the area of the Foundry Courtyard. The police assessed that it was not a professional misconduct. It was the second fatal accident in Buda Castle in two months: a man also fell to death in September.

Photo: Daily News Hungary

Source: Origo,hu

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