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Photo: Daily News Hungary news portal reported, the unknown man died on the 29th of September and has not been identified ever since. Now your help is needed.

Police are asking for residents’ help in the case of the man falling from the Buda Castle lookout, since the body has not yet been identified. So far all the information we have about the case is that the man fell off the lookout of the Buda Castle on the 29th September, after 1 pm.

During the investigation,

police have not found personal documents or objects with the man, therefore they were unable to identify him. states that the man is approximately 60-65 years old, 171 cm tall, is of an average physique, has blue eyes, grey hair and a moustache.

His special peculiarity is a birthmark located on the left side of his forehead.

He wore a blueish grey shirt, black belt, grey fabric trousers and brown suede shoes.

Anyone who thinks is able to identify the man based on the description or the pieces of clothing seen on the picture should contact the police and let them know as soon as possible.

Those who know who the clothes belong to can call either 107 or 112 central emergency numbers, or Telephone Witness’ Toll Free number: +36-80-555-111

translated by Blanka Marianna Györgyi

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  1. CandA is seen in the jacket is sold by C&A, a company that has shops in Holland. Maybe this hint can help?

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