National Geographic has created a list of 25 destinations that will certainly inspire future travels for 2021, but the most surprising thing about this list is that the Hungarian Hortobágy region is among the 25 beautiful destinations along with places like Transylvania, Alaska, Korea, and a lot more.

You can browse National Geographic’s beautiful list, but we are going to give you a bit of a preview about the Hungarian Hortobágy region. The guide was written by the Hungarian Tamás Vitray, member of Nat Geo Traveller Hungary.

The Hortobágy National Park is a great destination to visit once travelling will be allowed again. It is located in the eastern part of Hungary, near the Tisza, and “the expansive World Heritage site preserves the largest remaining native grassland in Europe”. It is not only a culturally important part of Hungary as you can gain insight into the traditional lives and games of Hungarian herdsmen of the Great Plain almost entirely untouched for centuries, but for those who like the feeling and atmosphere of unspoilt nature, it is a must-visit place. As Tamás Vitray explains in the original article, the main reason that it is unspoilt is the high alkaline content which made cultivation almost entirely impossible.

Thanks to its natural “defence mechanism” against modern agricultural development, it was able to preserve history, tradition, and, most importantly, its “rich grassland ecosystem” that is entirely unique. The area has been under protection since ’73, and for this reason, it is a beloved tourist destination for nature lovers. Also, as Tamás Vitray highlighted, it is a birdwatcher’s paradise. Hortobágy is home to “some 340 bird species, including tens of thousands of winged fall migration travellers”. It is not only the best birdwatching destinations in Hungary, however, but it is also one of the best in Central Europe.

Do not worry even if birds are not your thing. One of the many things Hortobágy is most famous for is the csikós. They are herdsmen of horses and masters of horse riding. Once, they held an important place in Hungarian society, and their many skills are the proof why. They are very skilled riders and have a very strong bond with their own horses. According to Lovasok, there was a story about a German gentleman who said to a csikós that his dog is smarter than the horse of the Hungarian csikós. The gentleman said to the csikós that his dog is smarter because it can sit and lie down on command. Much to the surprise of the German, the horse of the csikós could do the same. Since then, it is part of the games of the csikós. Another one of their tools is the bullwhip. They make it by hand themselves and can use it as a weapon or to perform jaw-dropping tricks.

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