Dozens of hot dog variations, fried chocholate, tornado potatoe. Hurrah for the street food revolution, reports.

„We just wanted to have a soft opening, but something else happened instead.” Eran is not a rookie,he has already opened many street food restaurants but now this one beats it all. All.

This hot dog heaven was opened in Zrínyi Street three weeks ago. Everyone is talking about this eatery, even though there was no hype before the opening. Judging by the name of the placeit is not guaranteed to be something special: hot dog and cold beer maybe, but there is more to it than that!

Many kinds of hot dogs, as well as corndog which is a hot dog sausage coated in a thick layer of cornmeal batter, typically deep fried and served on a stick. We have never had that before in Hungary. Rock ’n’ Roll! As if we were in America!

They use tastes of different nations and two types of frankfurters so you can choose your favourite variation. There are players like German Dog that comes with coleslaw, giving a lovely feeling, or Italian Dog that is stuffed with Italian vegetables. The absolute favourite one is the monster Japanese Dog with the Japanese cold kitchen’s stars: wasabi mayonnaise, sesame and ginger.If you want, you can choose from various classical hot dogs but there is something special, the Sweet Dog: fried Bounty, Mars and Snickers served on a stick, the pesident of desserts!

But what about the beer? I could count the places where Hoegaarden is on offer in Budapest on the fingers of one hand. This eatery is one of the, but the cheaper Borsodi is also on offer.
We have never had such an incredible eatery before but finally we got it.

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