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The house mafia used disgusting methods and tricks to seize the homes of innocent elderly people. On Tuesday, a team of commandos captured the ten-man criminal gang. The most shocking was that four members of the gang were lawyers. The court has already decided on three of the members during their trials on Thursday.

The prosecution did not propose the arresting of the other seven members. According to our information, among the three involved members, only one was detained, another was placed in house arrest while the third was placed on parole. “They did not use coercive measures against my client – who has been working as a lawyer for over 10 years – and she was set on bail.

The court approved the reasoning of the defense,

according to which my client had no previous criminal records, the case is long-since ongoing, and lastly, my client knew that the authorities have been investigating the case, yet she did not try to hinder the investigation in any way.” – said Dr Roland Szilágyi, the attorney of one of the accused lawyers. The lawyer is accused of fraud and abuse of legal professional privilege. According to our information, she assisted in the purchase of two high-value properties.

This is not the only time where the mafia is concerned with the real estate business. Read THIS article if you want to know more.

According to the information of Blikk, this criminal organisation cheated out several properties from elderly people in need of care in the XVIII. district of Budapest. Their method was the following: In the team, there were so-called ’kaffirs’ who watched the victims and ensnared them. They do this when they see an old lady going home from the market for example. They go and help the lady to carry her bags and they ask questions about her apartment, whether she lives alone and if the property is on her name or not. If they receive favorable answers, then the other members of the team try to convince the lady that her life would be much better in a retirement home where they would care for her. They promise them that they can arrange it, but they want her to give the property to them by legally signed papers and marking one of the criminals as the new owner.

Those who resisted, they enforced. There were cases when

the criminals locked the elderly up in their own closet

where they famished and oppressed them. The most disturbing deed of the criminal gang was probably when they enforced an 88-year-old man to wed one of the criminals, then their whole family moved into the apartment of the man, they banished him into a small room and they took his money by force.

There is a good chance that becoming the victim of the house mafia can be prevented.

Only a little vigilance is needed.

It is important that during the process of purchasing one should ask for as many identificational documents with photos as possible. Additionally, the negotiation should always take place in a lawyer’s office in the presence of a professional and not in a restaurant.

Not so long ago there was a shocking case concerning the sentence of two paedophiles.

Source: blikk.hu

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