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Odessan mafia may have set foot in Budapest beside London, according to Anna Angert, daughter of Alexander Angert, head of Odessan mafia has several Hungarian luxury apartments in her possession.

It was during the Paradise Papers case that information leaked regarding the owners of certain luxury apartments in London, and even in the Hungarian capital, Budapest. As personal data became visible in offshore cases, it turned out that the owners of these apartments were part of the Ukrainian mafia. In Hungary, also the Roma self-government ÖRO operates as a mafia, according to insiders.

The Odessan owners of the luxury apartments first started to accumulate money when stepping into the oil business, which was followed by drugs and weapon business as well. As BBC investigated, the heads of the businesses were Alexander Angert and Genagyij Trukhanov, now the mayor of Odessa.

Knowing that three luxury houses in London are in the direct possession of Anna Angert, daughter of Alexander Angert, it is somewhat unsurprising that she owns quite a few apartments in Budapest, too.

Although she is only 22 years old, she already has considerable wealth: besides the luxury apartments, she is the official heir of his father, deceased last year. Nevertheless, her possessions in Hungary only would make up a good fortune.

As it turned out from’s research, it is not a coincidence of the same name, but it is really Anna Angert who owns the luxury apartments both in London and Budapest. Her identity became clear from her date of birth and mother’s name. It could also have been considered a warning sign that Anna’s name has been removed from the mailbox right after the discovery of her identity. It is not the first time that investigations in the Hungarian real estate market have been made due to scandals.

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The city centre in London, XIII district in Budapest are where the apartments are situated – both with great panorama and elegant, luxury environment.

The flats that Anna owns are definitely not for the every-day life of an average Hungarian: some of them exceed 200 square meters in ground-space and include a terrace of 100 square meters with a magnificent view over the Parliament.

However, for unclear reasons, the Angert family does not seem to enjoy life in Budapest – at least according to neighbours, who claim only rarely to see them here.

Nevertheless, there is no question concerning the value of her real estate possessions: one of the flats is not far from Viktor Orbán prime minister’s home at Béla King street. Based on rough calculations and estimations the apartments that the public knows of most probably surpass the value of HUF 1 billion, EUR 3 million.

Foreigners are more and more interested in the Hungarian real estate market – although the influence of mafia might not be an ideal example of this.

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