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László Kövér shared his thoughts on demography in Gyergyószentmiklós (Transylvania, Romania) and said that the good Hungarians are not those who speak Hungarian but those who have at least 3-4 children and 9-16 grandchildren, all speaking Hungarian and committed to their nation.

House Speaker Kövér added that to change the negative trends in the demography of the Hungarian nation we not only have to eliminate all obstacles to having children, but we also need a change in mentality towards this issue – index.hu reported.

According to him, Hungary is among the firsts in Europe by

spending almost five pc of their GDP

on changing negative trends of demography. Mr Kövér spoke on a podium discussion at a summer camp organised by the Hungarian Youth of Transylvania Association in Gyergyószentmiklós, Transylvania (Romania).

He added that people should be made to realise that “good Hungarians are not those who speak Hungarian but those who have 3-4 children and 9-16 grandchildren who all speak Hungarian and are committed to the nation’s cause.”

He also said that for the well-being of the Hungarian people the

government undertakes many conflicts

and harms the economic interests of many groups. Nobody likes problematic children, and even though they are right, each community tries to exclude them. He added that the international environment in which Hungary has to represent their national interests is very much like such communities. 

As we reported before, László Kövér told at a forum in Budapest before the EP elections that „normal” homosexuals are trying to adapt to society rather than striving for equality. He also mentioned that according to his beliefs, there is really no difference between a gay couple wanting to adopt a child and a paedophile. He also said before that climate change is an issue that only exists because of the brainwashing media.

Source: index.hu

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