Spending some time as a tourist in Hungary does not only mean being amazed by the architecture, spending some nights in ruin pubs or eating goulash soup endlessly. reports that even a short period of time spent in Hungary can alter one’s views and ways of thinking.

Let’s check out the 12 side-effects of living in Budapest:

1. Eating snails anywhere and anytime

Of course, not real snails, but a special type of pastry called “csiga” (snail) in Hungarian. A peculiarity about this pastry is that it got its name after its curvy appearance. You might order a pizza csiga or a chocolate csiga that’s flavours are addictive.ósCsiga

2. Drinking lemonade at a bar becomes a habit

Hungarians like magicians know the perfect recipe for the finest lemonades. The ingredients are the following: sparkling water, homemade flavoured syrups and some types of fruit. Some prefer the original one with lemons but you can add limes and oranges as well. If you feel like something special, try it with strawberry basil or lavender ginger. Their flavour is like tasting Heaven on Earth.

3. Having exact currency no matter what

After some time, you will realise that at least 1.7 euros (500 Ft) should always be with you and in fact, Hungarians do not like counting out coins for less than that. In most cases, they expect the exact change and if you do not have it, then probably you will be asked for it several times. Having coins with you might be a good idea to avoid upholding the queue for no more than 0.07 euros (20 Ft).


4. Indulging in chitchats is not always a good idea

Morning greetings are OK in Hungary, but do not expect that Hungarians are willing to participate in a deep talk during the morning rush. They are more likely to keep to themselves than starting a conversation apart from “hellos” and “good byes”.

5. Considering fashion in a totally different way

Fashion is something personal in Hungary and although some attempt to follow the latest trends, many stand out from the crowd with their personal taste and style. They think in more practical ways, so do not worry about what to wear during your stay. You can even choose from another decade. Choose anything you find comfortable.

6. Finding pleasure in all seasons

Hungary has distinct seasons that are long-lasting, so you can get the most out of all: the cold winters, the flowery springs, the extremely boiling summers and the vibrant autumns have much to offer. Each of them is awaited and even if it is a dark winter day, spring is just a step ahead that is worth waiting for. by Civertan Grafikai Stúdió


Buda Castle /Daily News Hungary/
Christmas Fair in front of St Stephen’s Basilica  /pixabay/

7. Not waiting for privacy

Going to a doctor does not correlate with privacy. It is like a public parade in front of doctors, nurses and even receptionists. Privacy is totally not what you should expect when going to a doctor. The glass vials of medicine, the tools placed on the shelves, the old offices unfortunately represent the harsh reality when it comes to public health service in Hungary.

8. Seeing a sea in Hungary?

Yes, this is called Lake Balaton. Although it is not a sea, but the largest lake in Central Europe, it is referred to as a sea, because there is no coastline of the country. It is an established custom to spend the summer at Lake Balaton which is the perfect place to go for some relaxation and recreation from the noisy city life. by Karol Langner


Lake Balaton and Hill Badacsony /pixabay/
Balatonszemes /facebook/

9. Spicing everything with paprika

It is not suprising that 90% of the food served in Hungary are red, because paprika is a type of spice that is inevitable to all food. It is purchasable in bags, so you can easily add some extra flavour to potatoes, eggs, cucumbers, meat and, to be honest, to anything. Only your imagination sets boundaries.

10. Becoming an architecture addict

Budapest is undoubtedly unbeatable in architecture. Vienna and Paris are not in competition with Budapest. Although you can find some communist-era buildings, every architectural style is present from Roman ruins to Art Nouveau, just to name a few.

Hungarian Parliament Building /pixabay/
Matthias Church /pixabay/
Fisherman’s Bastion /pixabay/

11. Becoming a balancing Master

The times spent by clutching onto leather straps swinging from the ceiling on different means of public transport, be it a tram, bus or metro, you easily learn how to perfect the balancing of bags and wet umbrellas while also stabilizing your own position when the driver stops, starts or simply twists.

12. Becoming a water fan

In Hungary, the country of water polo, it is hardly imaginable to do anything else as a sport than water polo. Hungarians are exceptionnaly talented in this sport that also makes them world leaders. Thus, it would be no suprise if you were to find yourself attracted to the sport during your stay.



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