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What began as a quizzical virus within the heartland of China has quickly become one of the top news stories of 2020. The Coronavirus seems to be taking on a life of its own thanks to its ability to invade regions far outside of Asia. There are now a growing number of cases detected throughout Europe and many officials believe that it is only a matter of time before it rears its ugly head throughout Hungary and other nations.

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Travel restrictions and bans against public gatherings have been put in place throughout many countries and it should therefore come as no great surprise that football is likely to be impacted; at least from a short-term point of view. Considering the fact that the Six Nations football match has already been postponed, we are left to wonder what to expect in the near future. What is taking place in Hungary and might we see further cancellations?

Precautionary Measures Already in Place

One of the most recent news stories involves the suspension of Honvéd coach Giuseppe Sannino due to the growing number of Coronavirus cases reported throughout Italy. The same holds true for assistant coach Alessandro Recenti. League authorities have taken this step due to the fact that both men had recently travelled to Italy. Assuming that they may have inadvertently come into contact with someone who was ill, it only makes sense that they be temporarily removed from their positions.

These two men will be replaced by István Pisont for at least one upcoming match. Considering that Pisont is currently the coach of the national U-17 team, Honvéd should nonetheless be in good hands.

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What Does the Future Hold?

This is indeed the question of the hour and there is no way to tell how the virus may further impact European football in general. Assuming that the Coronavirus continues to spread to other nations, it is only prudent to assume that additional restrictions may be enacted. In fact, there are already rumours that the upcoming 2020 Olympics (taking place in Tokyo, Japan) may be impacted. The majority of sporting experts nonetheless agree that it as still to early to tell the ultimate ramifications of this virus (as well as if it is classified as a pandemic).

However, major Hungarian sports venues should expect to see lower ticket sales as fans become more wary about large crowds. If domestic cases are indeed detected, seasonal profits could very well take a sizeable hit. It is still important to put things into perspective.

While removing Giuseppe Sannino and Alessandro Recenti could have a short-term impact upon game play, it is likely that they will return if they show no signs that the virus is present.

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