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The list of Hungarikums has been expanding for years; some of the classics are pálinka, Busójárás, and paprika, but there are even more obscure things among them, like an educational method. How much do you know about these Hungarian national treasures?

Sokszínűvidék has created a fun quiz where you can test your knowledge on Hungarikums.

In the early 2000s, preserving, systematising and passing down Hungarian values earned great importance – that is when Hungarians first heard about the term Hungarikum.

As we wrote before,

“Hungarikum is a collective term indicating a value worthy of distinction and highlighting within a unified system of qualification, classification, and registry and which represents the high performance of Hungarian people thanks to its typically Hungarian attribute, uniqueness, speciality and quality”.

Examples for Hungarikums are the Csabai sausage, Pick salami, Unicum, Lake Hévíz and even the Kodály education method or the fisherman’s soup. You can check if you can recognise them with our previous quiz. If you want to raise the stakes, take the test below.

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