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Hungarian MPs get 276 pc more than the national average salary, and for this money, they do not even have to attend all of the sittings or address the House during their whole term. 

According to mfor.hu, the Hungarian MPs get much more than the Hungarian national average wage. Furthermore, they calculated how their salary increased in the last few years, and the results were shocking. 

Based on their findings, the average national gross wage of the Hungarian MPs has increased by 54.9 pc since 2014, while MPs get 70-77 pc more than five years before. 

The gross

base wage for MPs is now almost 1 million HUF (EUR 3,200)

while leaders of the parliamentary groups get almost 2 million HUF (EUR 6,400). Meanwhile, the gross national average salary in Hungary is 375 thousand HUF (EUR 1,200). This means that MPs get 276 pc more – 2.5 times more – than the ordinary Hungarian citizen.

Mfor.hu compared Hungarian and EU salaries of the parliamentarians, and they found that the most significant difference in wages between politicians and the citizens is in Greece.

Greek MPs get 685 pc (almost seven times) more than the Greek citizens.

Romania is in third place with 338 pc while Hungary is the tenth with 276 pc.

The slightest difference is in Denmark and Luxemburg: in the former, the difference is 139 while in the latter 135 pc, of course, for the MPs.

The Hungarian Parliament voted for a significant wage rise for the MPs last year. Gergely Gulyás, Minister of Prime Minister’s Office, said that despite this increase the Hungarian MPs still get less than they did between 2006 and 2010 when Hungary was lead by a Socialist-liberal coalition government.

We wrote HERE about how much the salary of PM Orbán and some Hungarian politicians is. 


PM Viktor Orbán earned a salary of approximately 21 million HUF (63,500 EUR),

and 15% of this amount of money was payroll tax, which means an average of 3.2 million HUF (9,680 EUR). Mihály Varga (Finance Minister) earned 22.6 million HUF (66,550 EUR) and paid 2.6 million HUF (7,800 EUR) of tax. Péter Szijjártó (Minister of Foreign Affairs) has the same salary and same tax as Mihály Varga, with an average of 420,000 HUF (1,270 EUR) tax allowance. Antal Rogán has approximately 65 million HUF (196,000 EUR) of fortune and paid 9.8 million HUF (30,250 EUR) of tax. Andrea Bártfai-Mager (minister without portfolio in charge of managing national assets) paid 7 million HUF (21,000 EUR) of tax out of 47 million HUF (142,000 EUR) of payment.

Source: szeretlekmagyarorszag.hu

  1. The members of the Fidesz-KDNP government who have been working so hard over the past nine years, I would say they deserve double that amount for what they have achieved. Their dedication to the people and the country has been great. The disturbing side of the coin is the opposition. If they have been picking up anywhere near as much as the government bodies, then they should be disgraced and thrown out of parliament. The opposition do nothing but moan, groan and cause continuous trouble to the government, and ridicule the people who want to enjoy the progress that Fidesz is bringing to them year after year.

  2. The country under the socialist nearly bankrupt.
    This government turned around the country completely.
    The opposition is just ridiculous, especially the new neo liberalist’s who like talking about abuse of power when the government do something, but they even worst. We now have a sexual predator “opposition / leftist” woman in the EU parliament who love criticise the government. Opposition sucks!

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