Budapest is undoubtedly a treasure among European capitals. Have you ever wondered how much it would cost to spend a weekend there? Well, you don’t need to wonder anymore!

Emma Cooke and her boyfriend have spent and budgeted a weekend in Budapest to answer your questions. Prices may vary depending on where you are coming from and which places you end up visiting, but her guidance gives an overall picture of how a weekend in Budapest would turn out for two people.

First of all, the UK-based content editor chose to fly from Gatwick after experiencing some trouble with the cheapest option, Ryanair on previous flights. She also had some mishaps with the gates in Victoria station, and with that in mind the bus, the Gatwick Express and the flight to Budapest totalled at £171.55.

For lodgings, they chose the Párisi Udvar Hotel in the heart of Budapest. It is on the pricey side, but she argues that it is well worth the money because of its outstanding interior, beautiful rooms and overall luxurious atmosphere. They stayed for two nights at a price of £174.

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On the first day, they spent nothing since they arrived late and went to sleep. However, on the second day, they spent 184.8 pounds. They had breakfast and spent the morning at the Gellert Baths. Then they had lunch at Felix Kitchen & Bar. After that, they popped into the shop of Printa, an eco-conscious Hungarian brand and bought a top. After cocktails in High Note Skybar in the evening, they dined at Fisherman’s bastion.

On the third day, their total came to 128.38 pounds after hopping into Mono Art & Design for a T-shirt, having lunch in New York Café and visiting Széchenyi bath in the evening.

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They travelled from and to the airport by taxi, through the Budapest Bolt cab-hailing app.

The overall cost of their trip to Budapest was 658.73 pounds, which is both a lot of money and rather accurate considering which options they went for.

But looking at the weekend they had, the conclusion is that such a weekend in Budapest is good value since you would have to pay much more in Paris or Austria for the same experiences.




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