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Climate change is one of the most important issues today, concerning everyone, as the weather is becoming more and more hectic and hotter.

According to Heti Világgazdaság, the recent heat alarm was just the first in the row: there will be several more throughout the summer.

Heat alarms are becoming more frequent in Hungary, and as long-term weather forecasts predict, there will be a 1-2°C degree rise in the temperature each year and the number of extremely hot days will grow with 12.

The New York Times has developed an informative climate model, where you can check how hotter it is today than it was when you were born.

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For example, in Budapest, forty years ago the number of days where the temperature was above 32°C degrees was three, 25 years ago the same number grew to eight, while in 2017 there was an average of 12 days when it was hotter than 32°C degrees.

It is expected that by 2074 there will be 14-39 (but more likely 27) days where it will be hotter than 32°C degrees.

featured image: MTI/Varga György


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