Despite the unbelievable prices on the real estate market and the unstoppable increase, Budapest is still considered to be one of the cheapest capitals of the European Union. Even though this phenomenon is only beneficial for a foreigner. Those who live in the capital have to face the fact that approximately 280,000 HUF (830 EUR) is needed to “stay alive” in Budapest.

Pénzcentrum reported that a family of four need approximately 565,741 HUF (1,680 EUR) in a month to allow themselves every necessity. It is inevitable to mention that this price does not include the amount of money which is needed to keep their estate fit and to pay the bills. Similarly, a man or a woman living alone in the capital needs 165,628 HUF (490 EUR).

Taking these numbers into consideration, to everybody’s shock and surprise, Budapest is still one of the cheapest cities on the European continent, despite the incredible increase of flat prices.

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Interestingly, statistics were also revealed about major Hungarian cities like Debrecen and Szeged. Debrecen is cheaper than Budapest by 9.6% and Szeged by 13.59%. Families of four need approximately 491,798 HUF (1,450 EUR) while for individuals, it is 145,749 HUF (430 EUR) per month. In Szeged, families need 482,607 HUF (1,400 EUR) and individuals 142,115 HUF (420 EUR).

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  1. The country was always centralised and still it is. Everyone on the countryside want to go to abroad or at least to Budapest where they got 100000 forints (303 euros) more for any work than they would get close to their home.

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