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Preparing for a trip to the USA is certainly challenging. With such a vast landscape, America is absolutely the land of diversity, so planning for any kind of trip there is going to take some planning. The best way to plan and organise your US trip is to do some good quality research beforehand. Knowing what you want from the experience and having a tight (but flexible) itinerary will go a long way to making your packing a lot less daunting. If you’re planning a trip to America, then here’s everything you need to consider before you start packing your bags.

Visa Requirements

Hungary is one of the countries that comes under the umbrella of the 37 Visa Waiver Countries, meaning that you will need to apply for an ESTA before you depart. You should make your ESTA application at least 72 hours before your plane leaves. If your trip is under 90 days, then you might be eligible to travel with a Visa Waiver Program, but you will still need your passport.

Work out your plans

 America is vast, and there is no end to the sights and activities that you can enjoy. You should consider what your priorities are. Before you commit to a specific destination, assess whether you want to see:

  • Theme Parks

  • Major cities

  • National parks

  • Road trips

  • Beaches

  • Mountains

  • History/Culture

The best advice for people visiting America is to try and avoid the theme parks. Stick to the real USA. Tennessee is one of the most popular cities to visit, and you can book accommodation in beautiful cottages close to the Great Smoky Mountains by checking your criteria with Stick to the real America, and you’ll have a much more satisfying and fun time.

 Consider your Spending

One of the things that can be hard to get your head around when you visit the States is the taxes. Sales taxes are added onto a purchase when you pay for it, making it seem quite complicated. Remember, the listed price is not what you will actually pay, whether that’s buying a chocolate bar in a food market or a brand new coat. Don’t forget to tip either! When you’re in a restaurant, your bill usually won’t include the tip, and you’ll need to add some extra when you pay. This can take a lot of people by surprise, and can really dig into your budget.

Book Ahead

Once you have a good idea of what you want to do in the States, then it’s a good plan to start booking certain activities and tours. Some attractions can take a few days for a booking to become available, with destinations like Alcatraz and the Grand Canyon especially prone to being busier than expected. You should also look at travel passes, with cities like New York offering a travel option that can save you a lot of your travel budget.

You certainly aren’t going to run out of things to do in America. Plan as much in advance as possible and make sure that you have all of your paperwork up to date. Get your itinerary planned, and you could be making the most of your trip to one of the most diverse countries on earth.

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