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Nowadays, we can buy almost everything online from your shiny jewelry to delicious foods and even the latest gizmos that were recently launched in the market. You just need to open an online commerce website, find your desired object, and click the “buy” button. The parcel will then be delivered to your door after days or weeks of order.

Online shopping gives extreme convenience to many online shoppers. But it’s not always the case for everyone. In 2019 alone, The FBI’s Internet Crime Complaints Center received an average of 1300 complaints a day over online thefts.

The agency recorded a total of $3.5 billion in losses to individuals and businesses. They also revealed that many complaints are about non-delivered purchased goods. Those people can still be considered lucky as there are many consumers also became a victim of a more serious act like identity theft and ransomware.

Buy only from reputable online shops

Well-known online shops are more likely to have a secured platform. Since the company receives a lot of profits from their shoppers, they have capabilities in hiring IT specialists that will make their website secured.  Big companies will also prioritize their shoppers’ safety, to maintain a good reputation.

Double-check the URL before making a transaction

Hackers have many ways to get your information online. One of them is by creating a fake website that looks like the real one. Hackers will try to mimic the Name and URLs of well-known websites. They may only change or add one character to create an actual website. They will also copy the website design and logo to make the website appear legitimate. So, when you made a tiny typo when you type the URL, you could land on a fake site. You may unwittingly give the hackers your credit card number and other personal data without notice. To avoid these circumstances, always check the URL of the site.

Be careful in clicking ads

Advertisements are everywhere online. Unfortunately, some of these ads are fake that was made by a hacker to get into your computer or device. There’s a great chance that they are using ransomware on these ads. When you click them, it will infect your computer.

When your computer is infected with ransomware all the files on your device will be encrypted. The hacker then will demand payment for you to access the data. It’s worth noting that Ransomware doesn’t only appear on ads, it can also be in links, email, or any instant message that appear on your screen. Always think twice before you click any link online.

Avoid using a debit card

While Debit Card gives us a fast and convenient way to pay for the products we order online, it also gives the seller access to your account. If you are dealing with unscrupulous people you may get into trouble.

Using a credit card when transacting online may save you from this situation. The reason is that credit card has a limit on how much you can spend. Another reason is that when you spend using a credit card, you are using the bank’s money. If you become a victim of fraud, the fair credit billing act can protect you. Here, are only responsible to pay up to $50 of charges you didn’t authorize.

A cryptocurrency is also a good option. In fact, this method is the top choice of many players in thaicasino online. The iGaming industry is also the target of many hackers and other cybercriminals for years. By using cryptocurrencies as a payment method, players enjoy a level of security against identity theft because the bank details aren’t linked to any transaction. All transactions including wins, losses, and payouts are also recorded and can be verified by anyone in blockchain ledger.

Track your statements regularly

Check your bank or credit card statement regularly. Look for any suspicious charges. If you found fees that you don’t recognize promptly inform the bank. This may indicate that someone got access to your card. You can also set up an account alert on any card activity. Many banks and mobile apps have this function. When activated you will receive a text or email every time a new transaction is made with your card.

Don’t use public Wifi

Yes, you can get free Wifi in your favorite coffee shops, library, airport, or mall, but it is safer to not use them. This is unsecured WIFI. Hackers can use this connection to spread malware to your computer. Using the Wifi, they can easily get access to your device especially if you allow file-sharing across a network.  It is safer to use 4G connections to your phone if you are outside.

VPN can help you have secured online transaction

If you have no other choice but to use public Wifi to shop online, there are still ways for you to have a safer experience online. One of them is using a Virtual Private Network or VPN. This software uses encryption to scramble your data when it’s sent over a public network. It can also mask your location, thus making your data more private.

Verify the security features of the site

You should only transact to online shops with secured websites. The website should have at least a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate which protects all its visitors. The SSL establishes a secured connection between the visitor and the website operator. When a website has this, the only one who can access the data that shoppers send on the internet is its receiver.

The good thing is that you don’t need to be tech-savvy to know if the site has an SSL certificate. Web browsers usually give visual cues like the lock icon before the URL or a green URL box. The URL of the site should also start with HTTPS rather than HTTP.

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