Many people struggle with taking care of their sensitive skin every day, especially during a pandemic, when wearing masks daily is crucial to protecting oneself and others. Here are some tips on how to care for your skin under the mask.

Wash the mask regularly

This should be an obvious one, but washing your masks regularly and thoroughly is a must. If you work in a field where you have to wear a mask all day, you should get at least five masks, and wear a new one each day.

The material of the mask

If you have sensitive skin and are prone to breakouts or cold sores, make sure your masks are made of 100% cotton so that they do not irritate the sensitive skin of your face, as their natural fibres are less likely to cause irritation or inflammation, as opposed to synthetics, according to dermatologist Dr Zeichner.


You should not wear make-up on your skin under your mask. The make-up will likely clog your pores from being trapped on the skin, causing breakouts and irritation. If you are wearing a mask the whole day, no one is going to see if you have make-up on under the mask anyway, so do your skin a favour.

Wash your face

Apart from washing your face at night and in the morning, you should also wash it with a gentle cleanser after getting home from work ‚Äď and after washing your hand, of course. This will get rid of any oiliness or the fibres of the mask. Use a moisturiser afterwards so that your skin does not dry out from the extra washing.

Stop touching your mask

Constantly adjusting, touching, and pulling on your mask is pretty harmful. Not only will it get dirty from your hands, the material rubbing against your skin will cause friction, which can cause irritation, resulting in breakouts. If you constantly have to fix your mask, it may not fit properly, so you might want to get it adjusted or get a new one.

Ask a professional

If you struggle with acne or another kind of skin condition, please talk to your dermatologist if you see any difference in your complexion that might worry you, as they are best qualified to help you.

So, the main things to pay attention to: make sure your mask is made of good material and wash it regularly and properly, wash and moisturise your face every day, do not wear too heavy make-up under the mask, and if your skin gets worse, talk to a professional. 

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Source: Daily News Hungary

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