The greatest local businesses are not only better at what they are doing, but they also better at being local. Winning takes communicating and attracting nearby customers. It also involves using Google map ads to let people know about their locations. As a result, there is a significant increase in visibility, helping such businesses thrive in this competitive market.

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While some people want to get products delivered on their doorsteps, many other people would rather visit a local business in-person to see the products in person before they purchase them online. As a business owner, you need to show them how to get to your location. One of the best ways is by using Google map ads to advertise your business. In this article, you will see how you can use Google map ads to advertise my business. 

How to use Google map ads

Success for your businesses won’t happen overnight because you need to drive foot traffic to your store.

Therefore, Google map ads can position your business in the right way not only to increase in visibility but also to drive this traffic. To understand how Google map ads can help your business, do the following:

Promoted Pins

First of all, if you advertise your business on Google Maps, it shows up as Promoted Pins which are followed by your company logo. These are location pins that are distinctive purple aimed at attracting users. Here is how they work, once you purchase ad space, Promoted Pins will stand out from the rest of the ordinary pins. As a result, users can view these pins when they pull up Google Maps. 

Visitors can then click on these pins to see more details about your business and its products. In this way, they can get directions to your business location. As you can see, this makes it easy for potential customers to visit your store to see the products before they buy them. Even better, the pins are simple and unnoticeable, helping drivers to navigate easily while driving their vehicles.  

In-store promotions   

Besides the purple pins, you can also use the in-store promotions feature. This user-friendly feature allows you to inform your potential customers about promotions taking place at your business location. 

You can display promotions, such as deals and coupons below Google Map Ads. Users can tap on your business logo to bring out the business page that displays at the bottom of your device’s screen. Here, they can see these coupons and deals happening in real-time at your store. 

This is another great way for your business to attract local customers who prefer checking on the internet for the best deals before making a buying decision. Because most people look for in-store promotions, perhaps you can get even more customers who were searching for similar products from competitors. 

Customizable business pages featuring local inventory search

As if that’s not enough, if you’re using promoted pins, you can also customize business pages. The idea for doing this is also to increase the foot traffic to your store. 

Think about it, there might be many customers within the area of your business looking for the products you are offering.

Therefore, if you incorporate your phone numbers, photos, addresses, directions, and many more on your business page, you are likely going to get more physical visits to your business location. 

Customizable business pages also with its local inventory search may be appealing to many people. You see, time is of the essence and most customers usually visit stores when they are confident of finding the products they are looking for. Hence, customizable business pages have local inventory searches to help users search for products available in your store’s inventory. 

You can provide Google with the stock in your inventory, and customers can search in the inventory to find out what is in stock. This helps more people to visit your business because they know already that they will get the items they want to buy.

It’s easy to set up a customizable business page, but make sure that you provide accurate and complete information.

Incorrect information can make it very difficult for potential customers to visit your physical store and buy products.  

The benefits of using Google Map ads

There is no doubt that businesses are working hard to find ways to drive traffic to their storefront. However, before you start using Google Maps, you should understand why most businesses are utilizing it. Below are some more benefits of advertising on Google Maps:

  • Reach more people. Google Maps helps you advertise your business to people regardless of their location. If you advertise the physical location of your business, it means more customers will come to your storefront. 
  • Increase visibility. To stand out from local competitors in your location, you should use Google Map ads. Promoted pins with distinctive purple color and your logo will be more visible to many people looking for similar products.
  • Drives action. Google Map ads feature local inventory search to encourage people to take action once they see the availability of products.      

How to advertise your business

To use Google Map ads to advertise my business on Google Maps is simple. The following steps will help you to get going:

Step 1: Setting up your ads

It takes just a few minutes to set up your ads. Firstly, you should create your Google My Business Listing and get it verified. When you set up your account, Google will send you an email to confirm your account. They do this to make sure sure that they verify that you have a real physical business location.

Step 2: Connecting your Google Ads Account

The next step is to create Google Ads. Here, you should use the same email address you used when creating Google My Business Listing. Then set up the location extension for your business.

Step 3: Target and bid by location

After doing the location extensions, target specific locations. It will be in your best interest to bid by specific locations to increase the chances of your ads being successful.   

Having done the above steps, you can now optimize the keywords in your Google Map ads.

You should use the keywords that relate to what customers in your area are looking for. Remember to keep track of the performance of your ads. Google provides several metrics that you can use to measure the performance of your Google Map Ads.

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